Alternative Sinology

This series provides a dedicated outlet for monographs and possibly edited volumes that take alternative views on contemporary or historical China; use alternative research methodologies to achieve unique outcomes; focus on otherwise understudied or marginalized aspects of China, Chineseness, or the Chinese state and the Chinese cultural diaspora; or generally attempt to unsettle the status quo in...

Anthropology, Creative Practice and Ethnography

The aim of Anthropology, Creative Practice and Ethnography is to provide a new forum for authors and practitioners from across the digital humanities and social sciences to explore the rapidly developing opportunities offered by visual, acoustic and textual media for generating ethnographic understandings of social, cultural and political life. It will address both...

Contemporary Anarchist Studies

Contemporary Anarchist Studies promotes the study of anarchism as a framework for understanding and acting on the most pressing problems of our times. The series publishes cutting-edge, socially engaged scholarship from around the world – bridging theory and practice, academic rigor and the insights of contemporary activism. ...

Critical Theory and Contemporary Society

The Critical Theory and Contemporary Society series aims to demonstrate the ongoing relevance of multi-disciplinary research in explaining the causes of pressing social problems today and in indicating the possible paths towards a libertarian transformation of twenty-first century society. It builds upon some of the main ideas of first generation critical theorists,...

Globalizing Sport Studies

Globalizing Sport Studies brings together the most innovative research in sport studies. Truly international, interdisciplinary and focusing on the latest empirical work, it will act as a hub (both online and in print) for social scientific and cultural studies in sport. ...

Human Remains and Violence

Human remains and violence aims to question the social legacy of mass violence by studying how different societies have coped with the dead bodies resulting from war, genocide and state sponsored brutality. However, rather paradoxically, given the large volume of work devoted to the body on the one hand, and to mass violence on the other, the question of the body in the context of mass...

Irish Society

The Irish Society series provides a critical, interdisciplinary and in-depth analysis of Ireland that reveals the processes and forces shaping social, economic, cultural and political life, and their outcomes for communities and social groups.  The books seek to understand the evolution of social, economic and spatial relations from a broad range of perspectives, and explore the challenges facing...

Manchester Capitalism

Manchester Capitalism is a series of books which follows the trail of money and power across the systems of our failing capitalism. The books make powerful interventions about who gets what and why in a research based and solidly argued way that is...

Materialising the Digital

Materialising the Digital seeks to interrogate the infrastructures, relationships and imaginaries of digital technologies through situated, empirical analyses of the production, circulation and use of digital devices and systems. ...

Music and Society

Music and Society aims to bridge the gap between music scholarship and the human sciences. A deliberately eclectic series, its authors are nevertheless united by the contention that music is a social product, social resource and social practice.  

New Ethnographies

New Ethnographies stimulates interest in ethnographic research methods across the social sciences. It places particular emphasis on work that engages with ethnography in new and interesting ways, exploring how the study of certain kinds of new cultural and social phenomena demand imaginative reconfigurations of more traditional approaches to ethnographic fieldwork.

Pocket Politics

Pocket politics presents short summaries of complex topics on socio-political issues both in Britain and overseas. Academically sound, accessible and aimed at the interested general reader, the series will address a subject range including political ideas, economics, society, the machinery of government and international issues. Authors are encouraged, should they choose, to offer their...

Racism, Resistance and Social Change

Racism, Resistance and Social Change is committed to providing a forum for the publication of challenging and innovative scholarship on questions about race, racism and ethnic relations. We have seen intense debate about these issues both globally and within particular geopolitical environments. Our main objective in this series...

Rethinking Borders

Crossing to the other side has many meanings, depending on what is crossing, where, when and why. Yet it always involves borders: there can be no other side without a marker between the sides, something that gives the sense of a difference between here and that other place. Equally, refusing to cross, or refusing to accept the crossers, also requires a marker between different sides. ...

Universities and Lifelong Learning

Universities and Lifelong Learning analyses the external engagement activities of universities and third-level institutions and is concerned with the range of activity that lies beyond the traditional mission of teaching and research. This is an area that until now has seldom been explored in depth and has rarely if ever been treated in a holistic manner.

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