Why Manchester University Press?


Why Publish with MUP? 

We Care

  • We are small enough to care strongly about each book we publish
  • We have a team of expert marketing personnel who will take every opportunity to promote your book to the right audience both through conventional and electronic channels. Our marketing team will contact you before your book is published to discuss any ideas/suggestions you may have. You will also be asked to complete a marketing questionnaire, which can be downloaded  here

We are Connected

  • We have over 100 years’ experience in publishing for the academic market
  • We  work on the cutting-edge of digital developments and have a sensible strategy to exploit them for your benefit
  • Your book will be sold in the UK by an excellent team of representatives, the Yale University Press sales force, who visit all the major academic bookshops in the country
  • Your book will be sold in the US by one of the biggest publishers in the world, Oxford University Press, who attend all the major academic conferences and clearly understand the market for your book
  • Your book will be sold in Europe, the Far East and Australia by experienced agents


  • Academic quality is at the core of what we do – each book we publish is extensively peer reviewed, and we give you as much feedback and support as we can
  • We employ a team of experienced professional copyeditors who work on every manuscript
  • We have a superb in-house production team who will involve you closely in the progress of the book
  • We consult you about the design of your cover and will welcome your input


  • Our response times are quick, and we are always happy to provide updates on progress – if we do not wish to publish your book we’ll try let you know within a month.
  • Our production times are fast


“Very many thanks for publishing our book. The contributors have been emailing us to say how thrilled they are with it – and, of course, we’re absolutely delighted as editors. It’s been really wonderful working with you and Manchester University Press. Much appreciation!”

Maria Nugent

“The book is beautiful — you and your colleagues have done a wonderful job.”

Vinay Swamy, Vassar College

“Thank you so much for all you did to get my book such a long way. I appreciate it enormously. And I appreciate the care and attention, and amazing courtesy, of everybody in Manchester University Press.”

Helen M. Davies,  University of Melbourne


“I simply love working with all of you, and I remain very grateful for your generous time, great expertise, and wonderful support.”

Jeffrey Reznick, University of Birmingham


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