Open Access funded books published by Manchester University Press

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Author/Editor TitlePublication dateOA edition link
BoehmerStories of Women : Gender and Narrative in the Postcolonial NationJun 2009Click here
Callaghan et alIn Search of Social Democracy : Responses to Crisis and ModernisationSep 2009Click here
Brewster et alIrish Literature Since 1990 : Diverse VoicesJun 2011Click here
HillPageantry and Power : A Cultural History of the Early Modern Lord Mayor's Show 1585–1639Apr 2013Click here
HerdEnthusiast! : Essays on Modern American LiteratureJun 2014Click here
WilsonThe making of British bioethicsOct 2014Click here
Heraclides et alHumanitarian Intervention in the Long Nineteenth Century : Setting the PrecedentJun 2015Click here
PilkingtonLoud and proud: passion and politics in the English Defence LeagueApr 2016Click here
Hile Spenserian Satire : A Tradition of IndirectionDec 2016Click here
Leese et al Security/Mobility : Politics of MovementJan 2017Click here
Arana The European Union's Policy Towards Mercosur : Responsive Not StrategicFeb 2017Click here
GoslingPayment and philanthropy in British healthcareFeb 2017Click here
EvansMetamorphosis of autismFeb 2017Click here
Holmberg et al The Politics of Vaccination : A Global HistoryMar 2017Click here
Jones et al.Go home? the politics of immigration controversiesMar2017Click here
Lang et al A History of the Case Study : Sexology, Psychoanalysis, LiteratureMar 2017Click here
Donnan et al Migrating Borders and Moving Times : Temporality and the Crossing of Borders in EuropeApr 2017Click here
Heredia Everyday Resistance, Peacebuilding and State-making : Insights from 'Africa's World War'Apr 2017Click here
Anstett et al Destruction and Human Remains : Disposal and Concealment in Genocide and Mass ViolenceApr 2017Click here
Anstett et al Human Remains and Mass Violence : Methodological ApproachesApr 2017Click here
Anstett et al Human Remains and Identification : Mass Violence, Genocide and the ‘Forensic Turn’May 2017Click here
PazNonhuman voices in Anglo-Saxon literature and material cultureJun 2017Click here
WolffAusterity babyJul 2017Click here
WoloshynSoaking up the rays: light therapy and visual culture in Britain, c. 1890–1940Aug 2017Click here
Barker Cultivating political and public identity: Why plumage mattersAug 2017Click here
Lahad A Table for One Aug 2017Click here
Johns-Putra et al Literature and sustainabilityAug 2017Click here
Perkins et alTime travellersJan 2018In production
Nerlich et alScience and the politics of opennessFeb 2018In production
MillwardVaccinating BritainOct 2018In production
SinkovicsA constraint based view of enterpreneurshipOct 2018In production

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