Manchester Medieval Literature and Culture

About the series

Manchester Medieval Literature and Culture: Monographs and Edited collections

The series publishes monographs and essay collections comprising new research informed by current critical methodologies on the literary cultures of the Middle Ages. We are interested in all periods, from the early Middle Ages through to the late, and we include post-medieval engagements with and representations of the medieval period (or ‘medievalism’). ‘Literature’ is taken in a broad sense, to include the many different medieval genres: imaginative, historical, political, scientific, religious. While we welcome contributions on the diverse cultures of medieval Britain and are happy to receive submissions on Anglo-Norman, Anglo-Latin and Celtic writings, we are also open to work on the Middle Ages in Europe more widely, and beyond.

Prospective authors should send a proposal indicating the nature of the proposed volume, its intended audience, estimate of academic, educational and marketing potential, its likely length and potential rival works. The proposal form can be downloaded here.

Manchester Medieval Literature and Culture: Texts and Translations

This series offers translations and edited texts which complement the monographs and essay collections of the Manchester Medieval Literature and Culture series. We are interested to hear from potential editors and translators of medieval British texts (whether in Old/Middle English, French or Latin) and we would especially welcome either previously unpublished works, or revisions of earlier texts published by Manchester University Press.

General Editors: Anke Bernau ([email protected]), David Matthews ([email protected]) and James Paz ([email protected])

Editorial Board: Ruth Evans, Patricia C. Ingham, Andrew James Johnston, Chris Jones, Catherine Karkov, Nicola McDonald, Sarah Salih, Larry Scanlon and Stephanie Trigg.

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