Manchester Capitalism

About the series

Manchester Capitalism is a series of short, accessible books which reframe the big issues of economic renewal, financial reform and political mobilisation in present day capitalism. The books do so by directly tackling major policy issues and the assumptions which underpin the policy agenda of an unlearning state. The aim is to contribute towards the reframing of political choices which is necessary before we can ensure security in a resilient, responsible capitalism

The first three books in the series cover the policy bias towards competition and markets, the British state’s persistence with outsourcing and the development of public private partnership as an export product for the global south. Altogether these books make the argument that post 1979 structural reform promised the market and delivered an extractive, financialised capitalism which benefits elites while ordinary citizens suffer growing problems about the supply of foundational goods and services necessary to everyday welfare.

In parallel, the researchers at the Centre for Research on Socio Cultural Change have produced a series of public interest reports on mundane sectors which are freely downloadable from their web site at These reports cover meat supply, railways, textiles and apparel and adult care. The Manchester Capitalism web site gives an overview of the latest activity by the interdisciplinary team of researchers who have authored these books and reports.

The Manchester Capitalism title reflects our conviction that there is much distributed intelligence in our economy and society outside the metropolitan centres of elite decision making. We write to inform and empower that force which Victorian Britain recognised as agenda setting, provincial radicalism and which we can promote in the twenty first century through an informed citizenry using devolved government for a social purpose.

Series editor: Mick Moran

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