Anthropology, Creative Practice and Ethnography

About the series

The aim of Anthropology, Creative Practice and Ethnography is to provide a new forum for authors and practitioners from across the digital humanities and social sciences to explore the rapidly developing opportunities offered by visual, acoustic and textual media for generating ethnographic understandings of social, cultural and political life. It will address both established and experimental fields of visual anthropology, including film, photography, sensory and acoustic ethnography, ethnomusicology, graphic anthropology, digital media, and other creative modes of representation. It will be in offered in a range of formats including comparative and general works, monographs, edited collections and audiovisual media.

We very much look forward to hearing from authors interested in contributing to this collective adventure in contemporary ethnographic representation.

Series editors:
Paul Henley – [email protected]
Andrew Irving – [email protected]

Forthcoming Titles

David MacDougall, The looking machine: Essays on cinema, anthropology and documentary filmmaking (January 2019)
Paul Henley, Beyond observation: Authorship and ethnographic film (Summer 2019)
Christian Suhr, Descending with angels: Jinn possession, Islamic exorcism, and psychiatry (Summer 2019)

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