Alternative Sinology

About the series

This series provides a dedicated outlet for monographs and possibly edited volumes that take alternative views on contemporary or historical China; use alternative research methodologies to achieve unique outcomes; focus on otherwise understudied or marginalized aspects of China, Chineseness, or the Chinese state and the Chinese cultural diaspora; or generally attempt to unsettle the status quo in Chinese Studies, broadly construed. There has never been a better time to embark on such a series, as both China and the academic disciplines engaged in studying it seem ready for change.

Series editors: Richard Madsen, Professor of sociology University of California San Diego and Zheng Yangwen 鄭揚文 Professor of Chinese History University of Manchester

Proposal Guidelines:

To submit a proposal, please complete the MUP proposal form

Send completed Proposal Forms to Tom Dark, senior commissioning editor at [email protected]

For more information about the review process, please click here: Review Process

Download the series leaflet here: Alternative Sinology Leaflet

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