Alternative Sinology (forthcoming series)

Artes Liberales

Artes Liberales aims to promote the study of the Middle Ages—broadly defined in geography and chronology—from a perspective that transcends modern disciplinary divisions. It seeks to publish scholarship of the highest quality that is interdisciplinary in topic or approach, integrating elements such as history, art history, musicology, literature, religion, political thought,...


This acclaimed series is designed to give practical help to students beginning to tackle recent developments in English, Literary Studies and Cultural Studies. The books in the series demonstrate and encourage a questioning engagement with the new; give essential information about the context and history of each topic covered; and show how to develop a practice which is up-to-date and informed by...

Contemporary American and Canadian Writers

This innovative series reflects the breadth and diversity of writing over the last thirty years, and provides critical evaluations of established, emerging and critically neglected writers – mixing the canonical with the unexpected. It explores notions of the contemporary and analyses current and developing modes of representation with a focus on individual writers and their work. The challenge...

Contemporary Anarchist Studies

Contemporary Anarchist Studies promotes the study of anarchism as a framework for understanding and acting on the most pressing problems of our times. The series publishes cutting-edge, socially engaged scholarship from around the world – bridging theory and practice, academic rigor and the insights of contemporary activism. ...

Contemporary British Novelists

Contemporary British Novelists offers readers critical introductions to some of the most exciting and challenging writing of recent years. Through detailed analysis of their work, volumes in the series present lucid interpretations of authors who have sought to capture the sensibilities of the late twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Informed, but not dominated, by...

Contemporary Issues in Bioethics, Law and Medical Humanities

Includes internationally respected works on bioethics and the humanities. The series focuses on the strong foundations and reputation of the University of Manchester's world-leading scholars in bioethics, and its internationally respected Centre for Social Ethics and Policy and Institute for Science, Ethics and Innovation. It includes publications from across the humanities, brought to bear on...

Critical Introductions to Art

Critical Labour Movement Studies

The purpose of this series is to give a platform to those students of labour movements who challenge, or develop, established ways of thinking and so demonstrate the continued vitality of the subject and the work of those interested in it.

Critical Perspectives in Art History

Critical Powers

Critical Powers is dedicated to constructing dialogues around innovative and original work in social and political theory. The ambition of the series is to be pluralist in welcoming work from different philosophical traditions and theoretical orientations, ranging from abstract conceptual argument to concrete policy-relevant engagements, and encouraging dialogue across...

Critical Theory and Contemporary Society

The Critical Theory and Contemporary Society series aims to demonstrate the ongoing relevance of multi-disciplinary research in explaining the causes of pressing social problems today and in indicating the possible paths towards a libertarian transformation of twenty-first century society. It builds upon some of the main ideas of first generation critical theorists,...

Cultural History of Modern War

This fascinating series interrogates the divisions between war and society, war and peace, allies and enemies, heroes and villains. The volumes span all corners of the globe, and address all types of warfare, while maintaining a focus on the cultural meanings of the myriad practices of modern war.

Disability History

This series responds to the growing interest in disability as a discipline worthy of historical research. It has a broad international historical remit, encompassing issues that include class, race, gender, age, war, medical treatment, professionalisation, environments, work, institutions and cultural and social aspects of disablement including representations of disabled people in literature,...

Documents in Contemporary History

Durham Modern Languages Series


Europe in Change

European Policy Research Unit Series

This series, published in conjunction with Manchester University’s European Policy Research Unit (EPRU) provides advanced textbooks and thematic studies of key public policy issues in Europe.

Family Tree Detective

French Film Directors

To an anglophone audience, the combination of the words 'French' and 'cinema' evokes a particular kind of film: elegant and wordy, sexy but serious – an image as dependent upon national stereotypes as is that of the crudely commercial Hollywood blockbuster, which is not to say that either image is without foundation. Over the past two decades, this generalised sense of a significant relationship...

Gender in History

The series aims to investigate the social and cultural constructions of gender in historical sources, as well as the gendering of historical discourse itself. It embraces both detailed case studies of specific regions or periods, and broader treatments of major themes. With a dedicated series editor for each chronological period, we welcome relevant proposals from scholars working in all periods...

Globalizing Sport Studies

Globalizing Sport Studies brings together the most innovative research in sport studies. Truly international, interdisciplinary and focusing on the latest empirical work, it will act as a hub (both online and in print) for social scientific and cultural studies in sport. ...

Hispanic Texts

Critical editions of key Spanish language texts, with introduction, notes and vocabulary in English. Key titles La casa de Bernada Alba – Lorca (edited by Herbert Ramsden) Bodas de Sangre - Lorca (edited by Herbert Ramsden) Requiem por un Campesino espanol Ramon J Sender (edited by Patricia McDermott)

Historical Approaches

This series examines the nature of the historical discipline, its theory and practice, and its evolving relationships to other cultural and intellectual fields. The series offers books that have the clarity of argument and liveliness of style to appeal to a general and student readership, while also prompting thought and debate among practising historians and thinkers about the discipline. All...

Human Remains and Violence

Human remains and violence aims to question the social legacy of mass violence by studying how different societies have coped with the dead bodies resulting from war, genocide and state sponsored brutality. However, rather paradoxically, given the large volume of work devoted to the body on the one hand, and to mass violence on the other, the question of the body in the context of mass...

Humanitarianism: Key Debates and New Approaches

A new interdisciplinary reflection on one of the most important and yet understudied areas of history, politics and cultural practice: humanitarian aid and its responses to crises and conflicts. The series seeks to define afresh the boundaries and methodologies applied to the study of humanitarian relief and so-called 'humanitarian events'. It includes monographs and carefully selected thematic...

IHR Research Guides

Aimed at new researchers in history, this series offers practical introductions to specific genres of source, and to sources pertaining to specific sub-disciplines of history. Every volume provides a survey of the historiography, examines relevant methodological issues, looks at available primary sources in different media and formats, and discusses the problems of their access and interpretation....

Inside Popular Film

International Gothic Series

Each volume in this series contains new essays on the many forms assumed by – as well as the most important themes in – the ever-expanding range of international ‘Gothic’ fictions from the eighteenth to the twenty-first century. Launched by leading members of the International Gothic Association (IGA) and some editors and advisory board members of its journal, Gothic Studies, this series...

Interventions: Rethinking the Nineteenth Century

Interventions: Rethinking the Nineteenth Century seeks to make a significant intervention into the critical narratives that dominate conventional and established understandings of nineteenth-century literature. Informed by the latest developments in criticism and theory the series provides a focus for how texts from the long nineteenth century, and more recent...

Irish Society

The Irish Society series provides a critical, interdisciplinary and in-depth analysis of Ireland that reveals the processes and forces shaping social, economic, cultural and political life, and their outcomes for communities and social groups.  The books seek to understand the evolution of social, economic and spatial relations from a broad range of perspectives, and explore the challenges facing...

Issues in Environmental Politics

This series takes key problems for environmental policy and examines the politics behind their cause and possible resolution.

Issues in German Politics

Issues in Historiography

The study of history is concerned most fundamentally not with dead facts and permanent verdicts but with highly charged dialogues, disagreements, controversies and shifting centres of interest, with the changing methodologies and discourse of the subject over time, and with audience reception. This series is designed to explore such matters by means of case studies of key moments in world history...

Key Studies in Diplomacy

The volumes in the series seek to advance the study and understanding of diplomacy in its many forms. Diplomacy remains a vital component of global affairs, and it influences and is influenced by its environment and the context in which it is conducted. It is an activity of great relevance for International Studies, International History, and of course Diplomatic Studies. The series covers...

Labour Movements Critical Studies

Manchester Capitalism

Manchester Capitalism is a series of short, accessible books which reframe the big issues of economic renewal, financial reform and political mobilisation in present day capitalism. The books do so by directly tackling major policy issues and the assumptions which underpin the policy agenda of an unlearning state. The aim is to contribute towards the reframing of political choices which is...

Manchester Medieval Literature and Culture

General Editors: Anke Bernau ([email protected]) and David Matthews ([email protected]). ...

Manchester Medieval Sources

This series provides translations of key sources that are directly usable in students' own work, with full, accessible contextual introductions and helpful annotations throughout. These books meet a growing need amongst students and teachers by providing texts central to medieval studies courses and focuses upon the diverse cultural and social as well as political conditions that affected the...

Manchester Medieval Studies

The study of medieval Europe is being transformed as old orthodoxies are challenged, new methods embraced and fresh fields of enquiry opened up. The adoption of interdisciplinary perspectives and the challenge of economic, social and cultural theory are forcing medievalists to ask new questions and to see familiar topics in a fresh light. ...

Manchester New Italian Texts

Manchester Studies in Modern History

Manchester Studies in Religion, Culture and Gender

Materializing the Digital

Materializing the Digital seeks to interrogate the infrastructures, relationships and imaginaries of digital technologies through situated, empirical analyses of the production, circulation and use of digital devices and systems. ...

Melland Schill Studies in International Law

Each volume in the series addresses major international law issues and current developments. Many of the previous volumes, published under the name ‘Melland Schill monographs’, have become standard works of reference in the field.

Music and Society

Music and Society aims to bridge the gap between music scholarship and the human sciences. A deliberately eclectic series, its authors are nevertheless united by the contention that music is a social product, social resource and social practice.  

New Approaches to Conflict Analysis

New approaches to conflict analysis promotes the development of new theoretical insights and their application to concrete cases of large scale conflict.

New Dynamics of Innovation and Competition

New Ethnographies

New Ethnographies stimulates interest in ethnographic research methods across the social sciences. It places particular emphasis on work that engages with ethnography in new and interesting ways, exploring how the study of certain kinds of new cultural and social phenomena demand imaginative reconfigurations of more traditional approaches to ethnographic fieldwork.

New Frontiers in History

New Perspectives on the Right

The series publishes the best and most innovative titles on the politics of the right, drawn from the fields of sociology, history, cultural studies and political science and stimulate debate across disciplinary boundaries. It is not limited in historical coverage or geographical scope, but is united by its concern to critically interrogate and better understand  the history, development,...

Nursing History and Humanities

This series provides an outlet for the publication of rigorous academic texts in the two closely-related disciplines of Nursing History and Nursing Humanities, drawing upon both the intellectual rigour of the humanities and the practice-based, real-world emphasis of clinical and professional nursing.

Oxford Amnesty Lectures

Perspectives on Democratic Practice

Perspectives on Democratization

Political Analyses

Politics Today

Definitive, accessible and comprehensive, the Politics today series sets the standard for introductory textbooks. Key titles British politics today – the Essentials – Bill Jones Scandinavian politics today – David Arter Irish politics today – Neil Collins

Politics, Culture and Society in Early Modern Britain

This important series publishes monographs that take a fresh and challenging look at the interactions between politics, culture and society in Britain between 1500 and the mid-eighteenth century. It counteracts the fragmentation of current historiography through encouraging a variety of approaches which attempt to redefine the political, social and cultural worlds, and to explore their...

Racism, Resistance and Social Change

Racism, Resistance and Social Change is committed to providing a forum for the publication of challenging and innovative scholarship on questions about race, racism and ethnic relations. We have seen intense debate about these issues both globally and within particular geopolitical environments. Our main objective in this series...

Reappraising the Political

The series is interdisciplinary in approach, seeking new inspiration from both traditional sister disciplines and from more recent neighbours such as literary theory and cultural studies.

Regional International Politics

Rethinking Art’s Histories

This series aims to open out art history from its most basic structures. Its function is to foreground work that challenges the conventional periodisation and geographical subfields of traditional art history, and to address a wide range of visual cultural forms from the early modern period to the present.

Revels Plays

"The Revels Plays have a earned a well-deserved reputation for producing exemplary critical editions of non-Shakespearean plays, prepared according to high scholarly standards and aimed at an audience of advanced students and literary professionals." ...

Revels Plays Companion Library

For over fifty years The Revels Plays has provided for students of the English Renaissance drama carefully edited texts of the major Elizabethan and Jacobean plays. The Revels Plays Companion Library is intended to further this expansion and to allow for new developments. ...

Revels Student Editions

Based on the highly respected Revels Plays, which provide a wide range of scholarly critical editions of plays by Shakespeare's contemporaries, the Revels Student Editions offer readable and competitively priced introductions, text and commentary designed to distil the erudition and insights of the Revels Plays, while focusing on matters of clarity and interpretation. These editions are aimed at...

Social Archaeology and Material Worlds

Social Archaeology and Material Worlds aims to forefront dynamic and cutting-edge social approaches to archaeology. It brings together volumes about past people, social and material relations and landscape as explored through an archaeological lens. Topics covered may include memory, performance, identity, gender, life course, communities, materiality, landscape and archaeological politics and...

Social Histories of Medicine

Social Histories of Medicine is concerned with all aspects of health, illness and medicine, from prehistory to the present, in every part of the world. The series covers the circumstances that promote health or illness, the ways in which people experience and explain such conditions, and what, practically, they do about them. Practitioners of all approaches to health and healing come within its...

Spanish and Latin American Filmmakers

This series offers a focus on new filmmakers; reclaims previously neglected filmmakers; and considers established figures from new and different perspectives. Each volume places its subject in a variety of critical and production contexts. ...

Studies in Design and Material Culture

This long-running series publishes high-quality research in the form of monographs and edited volumes in the field of the History of Design and Material Culture. Spanning a broad chronology and a wide geography, titles in the series cover theories and histories of materiality, the relationship between making and thinking, fashion and culture, production and consumption, textiles and industry,...

Studies in Early Modern European History

This series aims to publish challenging and innovative research in all areas of early modern continental history. It welcomes work that engages with current historiographical debates, adopts an interdisciplinary approach, or makes an original contribution to our understanding of the period.

Studies in Early Modern Irish History

Studies in Imperialism

At more than twenty years old and with well over 100 titles now published, this series remains firmly at the forefront of the study of imperial history.

Studies in Modern French History

This series is published in collaboration with the UK Society for the Study of French History. It aims to showcase innovative short monographs relating to the history of the French, in France and in the world since c.1750. Each volume speaks to a theme in the history of France with broader resonances to other discourses about the past. Authors demonstrate how the sources and interpretations of...

Studies in Popular Culture

Bringing together Cultural History and Cultural Studies, the books in this series explain in a readable and accessible way where we are now socially and culturally and how we got to where we are, promote an interdisciplinary approach to cultural issues and encourage deeper thought about the attitudes and institutions of popular culture.

Studies in Social History of Sport

Support for Family and Friends

Texts in Culture

The Critical Image

The Malone Society

The Manchester Spenser

The Manchester Spenser is a monograph and text series devoted to historical and textual approaches to Edmund Spenser – to his life, times, places, works and contemporaries. ...

Theatre: Theory – Practice – Performance

This series offers a space for those people who practise theatre to have a dialogue with those who think and write about it. The series has a flexible format that refocuses the analysis and documentation of performance. It provides, presents and represents material which is written by those who make or create performance history, and offers access to theatre documents, different methodologies and...

Theory for a Global Age

Globalization is widely viewed as a current condition of the world, but there is little engagement with how this changes the way we understand it. This series addresses the impact of globalization on the social sciences and humanities. Each title focuses on a particular theoretical issue or topic of empirical controversy and debate, addressing theory in a comprehensive and interconnected manner....

Understanding Global Heritage

Understanding Politics

The Understanding Politics series accessibly and comprehensively covers the A/S and A level politics syllabuses of the main UK examining boards.

Universities and Lifelong Learning

Universities and Lifelong Learning analyses the external engagement activities of universities and third-level institutions and is concerned with the range of activity that lies beyond the traditional mission of teaching and research. This is an area that until now has seldom been explored in depth and has rarely if ever been treated in a holistic manner.

V&A/RCA Studies in Design History: Anthologies

War, Armed Forces and Society

Women, Theatre and Performance

This series, Women, Theatre and Performance, has its origins in the work of a number of feminist theatre academics from the 1980s and 1990s – a period when interest burgeoned in the part that women have played in theatre over the centuries. That interest was in its turn the daughter of the ‘Second Wave’ women’s movement, the women’s theatre movement and the women’s history movement...

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