Author FAQs

The reputation of MUP is very much built on a partnership between MUP staff and all those who contribute to MUP publications and we work hard to ensure our authors supplied with all of the information and assistance they require.

For information on marketing at MUP, download our Marketing Guide here.

If your question isn’t answered in the FAQs, please drop us an email and we’ll get back to you with our best response: [email protected]


Will my book become an eBook?

Please refer to the dedicated eBook page.

How often will royalties be paid?

Where a percentage royalty is agreed, this is paid out annually in January, with a full statement of sales. However, where a monograph is published in hardback, an outright fee on publication tends to be the most convenient option for all concerned.

Will my book appear in paperback?

If your book is a textbook aimed at students then it will probably be a paperback from the off. If it is a monograph, we will probably produce a hardback for the library market first before deciding on whether to produce a paperback edition.

Will the book be kept in print?

Yes. MUP guarantees that the book will stay in print in paper form for at least three years, and with the developments in electronic publishing, it can potentially stay available for ever.

Will my book be taken to conferences?

Yes. MUP attends many conferences each year, and we will continue to exhibit your book at all the major subject conferences as long as it remains in print.

Can I link my website to MUP?

Yes. MUP encourages authors to do this, and we are happy to provide technical assistance with the link.

Will my book be translated?

We have very good links with publishers around the world and have had great success in placing translations. We take all our books to the Frankfurt bookfair, and if you think your book is of particular of interest to another nation, then we will make every effort to place it.

Will I be able to have publicity material for my own use?

Yes. Our marketing department are happy to have requests to produce flyers for you take to conferences and on lecture tours.

Will I see copies of reviews?

Yes. MUP subscribes to a clippings agency and we forward all copies of reviews to our authors as they come in.

Can I buy more copies of my book at discount?

Yes. MUP gives 50% discount to all authors, and they can buy any other book published by the Press at 33.3% discount. Please contact us for instructions on how to place your order.

Who will be responsible for selling my book overseas?

OUP distribute our titles in the US and Americas, and Footprint distribute our titles in Australia. See a full list of our worldwide distributors

How do you manage rights and permissions for my work?

We have partnered with rights and permission services to ensure that rights and permission requests are dealt with quickly and easily. See for further details.


How do I submit my paper?

Each MUP journal has its own Manuscript Submission guidelines. To submit your article, go to the list of MUP journals, search for the one you wish to submit to, click on the Manuscript Submission guidelines tab to get details on how to submit your article.

How do I contact the Editor of the journal to which I would like to submit my article?

To contact the Editor, go to the list of MUP journals and select the journal. The editors name should be listed with their contact details.

How do I find guidelines or instructions for authors for my specific journal?

Each MUP journal has its own Manuscript Submission guidelines. Go to the list of MUP journals, select the journal and click on the Manuscript Submission guidelines.

What types of articles will the journal accept?

This is covered in the journal’s Manuscript Submission guidelines. Go to the list of MUP journals, select the journal and click on the Manuscript Submission guidelines

When will I know if my article has been accepted? What happens next?

Each MUP journal has its own editorial procedures, and you should consult the individual journal’s Manuscript Submission guidelines for more detail. In general, the Journal’s editorial office will contact you to let you know whether your article has been accepted, and what will happen next.

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