Open Access

Manchester University Press has been actively involved in Open Access publishing for several years, and is pleased to offer its authors and contributors a high-quality route to open access publication both in the form of journal articles and of monographs.

All MUP publications are subject to a process of rigorous peer review, and we take pride in our production values and author relationships.

Content will be published under the terms of Creative Commons Licences which allows copyright to remain with authors and requires full attribution to accompany all reuse and dissemination. Our recommended licences are CC-BY-NC, which includes a requirement of the copyright holder’s permission for any commercial use of the content and CC-BY-NC-ND, which also requires permission to create derivative works from the content. Some major funders insist on the use of the least restrictive CC-BY licence and we will be happy to use this when required.

James Baldwin Review_500MUP currently publish one Gold OA journal, the James Baldwin Review. More coming soon!






For more information on Open Access at Manchester University Press:

MUP Open Access Programme

MUP Open Monograph Programme

Open Access glossary and FAQ

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