The fantasy fiction formula podcast

In the final podcast in this series of six programmes about The Fantasy Fiction Formula, author Deborah Chester tells George Miller how to approach the process of revising – and explains why your... READ MORE

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Why Do Researchers Blog?

Individual academics and researchers are migrating online in droves, with more and more seeking to establish a ‘digital presence’ that will aid discoverability of their work. A move endorsed by... READ MORE

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

What if debt can’t be repaid?

Debt as Power explains the dangerous connection between the rate at which economies must grow and the enormous debts owed by governments, corporations and consumers.  Globally, that debt now exceeds... READ MORE

Friday, 22 Apr 2016

Podcast Two – The Fantasy Fiction Formula

The second in our series of The fantasy fiction formula podcasts is now live. In this week’s programme, George and Deborah discuss planning your story and coming up with an opening that packs a... READ MORE

Wednesday, 6 Apr 2016

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