Human Remains and Violence goes Open Access

  From 2017 Human Remains and Violence will be a fully Open Access journal. In this short post, the journal’s editors discuss the move to Open Access and accompanying benefits. As Editors... READ MORE

Tuesday, 11 Oct 2016

Jarrow Crusade 80th Anniversary

  Today marks the 80th anniversary of the start of the Jarrow Crusade, led by Ellen Wilkinson. From a humble background, Ellen Wilkinson ascended to the rank of minister in the 1945 Labour... READ MORE

Wednesday, 5 Oct 2016

Explaining peer review

By Meredith Carroll, Journals Manager and Senior Commissioning Editor: Archaeology and Medieval Studies Reviewer 2 walks into a bar and immediately says that this isn’t the joke he/she would... READ MORE

Wednesday, 21 Sep 2016

What’s a Saint?

Making and Remaking Saints in Nineteenth-Century Britain By Gareth Atkins July saw the publication of my new edited book, Making and Remaking Saints in Nineteenth-Century Britain. Containing essays... READ MORE

Friday, 9 Sep 2016

Regenerating East Manchester: Author Q&A

 Georgina Blakeley is Lecturer in Politics at the Open University Brendan Evans is Emeritus Professor of Politics at the University of Huddersfield What book in this field has inspired you the most?... READ MORE

Thursday, 1 Sep 2016

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