With over 150 titles, published over two decades, Manchester Studies in Imperialism is firmly positioned at the forefront of the study of imperial history.

The Studies in Imperialism series has played a progressive role in reshaping both British and Imperial histories by greatly expanding their respective repertories to explore new and previously neglected subjects and by focusing attention more firmly on the tightly interwoven relationships between them.

Now available as a digital collection for the first time, Manchester Studies in Imperialism offers a rich source of scholarship on propaganda, social control and migration, cultural encounters between the coloniser and colonised, the circulation of power through the production and organisation of colonial knowledge, and the construction of identity both at the heart and on the margins of empire.

Key features & Benefits

Includes over 150 internationally respected books

Edited and authored by leading figures in the field, guaranteeing quality and robustness of the content

Updated annually with new, high quality content, allowing readers access to the latest research in imperial history

Offers an easy to use, cost-effective teaching resource by enabling readers to explore and engage with a full spectrum of imperialist theories and studies

Offers a single, easy-to-navigate database for studying imperial histories, bringing together a wide range of topics in one easy to use resource

New Titles for 2018

Banished Potentates – Robert Aldrich

Royals on Tour – edited by Robert Aldrich and Cindy McCreery

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