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Staff Profiles

Chief Executive


Emma Brennan

Editorial Director

History, Art History and Design

Rob Byron

Assistant Editor

Social Sciences

Meredith Carroll

Journals Manager / Senior Commissioning Editor


Paul Clarke

Assistant Editor


Tom Dark

Senior Commissioning Editor

Society, Economy, Science

Matthew Frost

Senior Commissioning Editor

Literature, Theatre and Film

Tony Mason

Senior Commissioning Editor

Politics, IR, International Law and Ireland

Alun Richards

Assistant Editor

Deborah Smith

Contracts Co-ordinator (Tuesday - Thursday)

Sales & Marketing



John Normansell

Production Director

Marilyn Cresswell

Distribution and Content Coordinator

Madeleine Pearson

Digital Content Editor

Lucky Zhang

Projects Co-ordinator

David Appleyard

Production Manager

Lianne Slavin

Editorial Services Manager

Danielle Shepherd

Production Editor

Elizabeth Beck

Production Editor

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