Angelaki Humanities
Beginnings This acclaimed series is designed to give practical help to students beginning to tackle recent developments in English, Literary Studies and Cultural Studies.
British Film Makers
Cinema Aesthetics
Contemporary American and Canadian Writers This innovative series reflects the breadth and diversity of writing over the last thirty years, and provides critical evaluations of established, emerging and critically neglected writers – mixing the canonical with the unexpected.
Contemporary Anarchist Studies
Contemporary British Novelists offers readers critical introductions to some of the most exciting and challenging writing of recent years.
Contemporary Issues in Bioethics, Law and Medical Humanities
Contemporary World Writers An innovative series of authoritative introductions to a range of culturally diverse contemporary writers from outside Britain and the United States or from ‘minority’ backgrounds within Britain or the United States.
Critical Introductions to Art
Critical Labour Movement Studies The purpose of this series is to give a platform to those students of labour movements who challenge, or develop, established ways of thinking and so demonstrate the continued vitality of the subject and the work of those interested in it.
Critical Perspectives in Art History
Critical Powers
Cultural History of Modern War This fascinating series interrogates the divisions between war and society, war and peace, allies and enemies, heroes and villains. The volumes span all corners of the globe, and address all types of warfare, while maintaining a focus on the cultural meanings of the myriad practices of modern war.
Cultural Politics
Devolution Series The Devolution series brings together the best research in the UK on devolution and its implications and is the official publishing outlet of the ESRC’s research programme on Devolution and Constitutional Change.
Disability History
Documents in Contemporary History
Documents in Modern History offers collections of documents on the most widely debated and studied topics in modern British and international history. They provide the ideal course textbook for sixth-form students, first-year undergraduates and beyond.
Durham Modern Languages Series
Europe in Change
European Policy Research Unit Series This series, published in conjunction with Manchester University’s European Policy Research Unit (EPRU) provides advanced textbooks and thematic studies of key public policy issues in Europe.
European Policy Studies
Family Tree Detective
French Film Directors
Gender in History The series aims to investigate the social and cultural constructions of gender in historical sources, as well as the gendering of historical discourse itself. It embraces both detailed case studies of specific regions or periods, and broader treatments of major themes.
Globalizing Sport Studies
Hispanic Texts Critical editions of key Spanish language texts, with introduction, notes and vocabulary in English.
Historical Approaches
Human Remains and Violence
Humanitarianism: Key Debates and New Approaches
IHR Research Guides
Inside Popular Film
International Gothic

Irish Society The Irish Society series provides a critical, interdisciplinary and in-depth analysis of Ireland that reveals the processes and forces shaping social, economic, cultural and political life, and their outcomes for communities and social groups.
Issues in Environmental Politics This series takes key problems for environmental policy and examines the politics behind their cause and possible resolution.
Issues in German Politics Issues in German Politics is a major series on contemporary Germany. Focused on the post-unity era, it presents concise, scholarly analyses on the forces driving change in domestic politics and foreign policy.
Issues in Historiography
Key Studies in Diplomacy
Labour Movements Critical Studies
Manchester Capitalism
Manchester Medieval Literature and Culture General Editors: Anke Bernau and David Matthews
Manchester Medieval Sources This series aims to meet a growing need amongst students and teachers of medieval history for translations of key sources that are directly usable in students' own work. It provides texts central to medieval studies courses and focuses upon the diverse cultural and social as well as political conditions that affected the functioning of all levels of medieval society.
Manchester Medieval Studies The aim of this series is to combine the scholarship traditionally associated with medieval studies with an awareness of more recent issues and approaches in a form accessible to the non-specialist reader.
Manchester Medieval Texts
Manchester New Italian Texts Critical editions of key Italian texts, with introduction, notes and vocabulary in English.
Manchester Studies in Modern History
Manchester Studies in Religion, Culture and Gender
Melland Schill Studies in International Law Each volume in the series addresses major international law issues and current developments. Many of the previous volumes, published under the name ‘Melland Schill monographs’, have become standard works of reference in the field.
Music and Society Music and Society aims to bridge the gap between music scholarship and the human sciences. A deliberately eclectic series, its authors are nevertheless united by the contention that music is a social product, social resource and social practice.
Neale UCL Studies in British History
New Approaches to Conflict Analysis New approaches to conflict analysis promotes the development of new theoretical insights and their application to concrete cases of large scale conflict.
New Directions in Terrorism Studies
New Dynamics of Innovation and Competition This series deals with research based issues emanating from work carried out in this internationally recognised, functioning research centre, which forms part of the Manchester Business School.
New Ethnographies New Ethnographies will stimulate interest in ethnographic research methods across the social sciences. It will place particular emphasis on work that engages with ethnography in new and interesting ways, exploring how the study of certain kinds of new cultural and social phenomena demand imaginative reconfigurations of more traditional approaches to ethnographic fieldwork.
New Frontiers in History
New Perspectives on the Right
Nursing History and Humanities
Oxford Amnesty Lectures Each series of the Oxford Amnesty Lectures has been turned into a book. As well as raising funds by yielding royalties, these books have served the educational objectives of the Oxford Amnesty Lectures by fuelling debate and raising the profile of human rights issues worldwide.
Perspectives on Democratic Practice

The series presents critical texts on democratization processes and democratic theory. Written in an accessible style, the books are theoretically informed and empirically rich, and examine issues critical to the establishment, extension and deepening of democracy in different political systems and contexts.


Perspectives on Democratization The series presents critical texts on democratization processes and democratic theory.
Political Analyses The Political analyses series seeks to explore new political ideas to a depth beyond that of its sister series Politics today.
Politics Today Definitive, accessible and comprehensive, the Politics today series sets the standard for introductory textbooks.
Politics, Culture and Society in Early Modern Britain

Reappraising the Political The series is interdisciplinary in approach, seeking new inspiration from both traditional sister disciplines and from more recent neighbours such as literary theory and cultural studies.
Regional International Politics A series critically appraising the political developments in different key regions of the world.
Rethinking Art's Histories This new series from Manchester University Press aims to open out art history from its most basic structures. Its function is to foreground work that challenges the conventional periodisation and geographical subfields of traditional art history, and to address a wide range of visual cultural forms from the early modern period to the present.
Revels Plays  For over fifty yearsThe Revels Plays has provided for students of the English Renaissance drama carefully edited texts of the major Elizabethan and Jacobean plays.
Revels Plays Companion Library For over fifty yearsThe Revels Plays has provided for students of the English Renaissance drama carefully edited texts of the major Elizabethan and Jacobean plays. The Revels Plays Companion Library is intended to further this expansion and to allow for new developments providing students of the Elizabethan and Jacobean drama with a fuller sense of its background and context.
Revels Student Editions Based on the highly respected Revels Plays, the Revels Student Editions offer readable and competitively priced introductions, text and commentary designed to distil the erudition and insights of the Revels Plays, while focusing on matters of clarity and interpretation.
Shakespeare in Performance
Spanish and Latin American Filmmakers This series offers a focus on new filmmakers; reclaims previously neglected filmmakers; and considers established figures from new and different perspectives
Studies in Design
Studies in Design and Material Culture
Studies in Early Modern European History
Studies in Early Modern Irish History
Studies in Imperialism

The study of imperialism continues to flourish, with ‘Studies in Imperialism’ at the forefront of this field, contributing cutting-edge research to the growing mass of scholarship.

Dr Lowri Ann Rees, Reviews in History, 17 August 2012

Studies in Modern French History
Studies in Popular Culture
Studies in Social History of Sport
Support for Family and Friends
Texts in Culture
The Critical Image
The Family Tree Detective
The Malone Society
The Manchester Spenser
The Television Series
Theatre: Theory – Practice – Performance
Theory for a Global Age
Understanding Global Heritage A series of three textbooks published by Manchester University Press in association with The Open University. The series provides a sound introduction to, and detailed summary of, critical heritage studies as a global discipline.

Understanding Politics The Understanding Politics series accessibly and comprehensively covers the A/S and A level politics syllabuses of the main UK examining boards.
Universities and Lifelong Learning
V&A/RCA Studies in Design History: Anthologies
War, Armed Forces and Society
Women, Theatre and Performance
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