Author FAQs

Will my book become an eBook?
Please refer to the dedicated eBook page.

How often will royalties be paid?
Where a percentage royalty is agreed, this is paid out annually in January, with a full statement of sales. However, where a monograph is published in hardback, an outright fee on publication tends to be the most convenient option for all concerned.

Will my book appear in paperback?
If your book is a textbook aimed at students then it will probably be a paperback from the off. If it is a monograph, we will probably produce a hardback for the library market first before deciding on whether to produce a paperback edition.

Will the book be kept in print?
Yes. MUP guarantees that the book will stay in print in paper form for at least three years, and with the developments in electronic publishing, it can potentially stay available for ever.

Will my book be taken to conferences?
Yes. MUP attends many conferences each year, and we will continue to exhibit your book at all the major subject conferences as long as it remains in print.

Can I link my website to MUP?
Yes. MUP encourages authors to do this, and we are happy to provide technical assistance with the link.

Will my book be translated?
We have very good links with publishers around the world and have had great success in placing translations. We take all our books to the Frankfurt bookfair, and if you think your book is of particular of interest to another nation, then we will make every effort to place it.

Will I be able to have publicity material for my own use?
Yes. Our marketing department are happy to have requests to produce flyers for you take to conferences and on lecture tours.

Will I see copies of reviews?
Yes. MUP subscribes to a clippings agency and we forward all copies of reviews to our authors as they come in.

Can I buy more copies of my book at discount?
Yes. MUP gives 50% discount to all authors, and they can buy any other book published by the Press at 33.3% discount. Please contact us for instructions on how to place your order.
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