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Editor: Dr Geoff Rubner
Executive Editor: Ms Julie Johnson
ISSN: 0020-7209 (Print)
ISSN: 2050-4578 (Online)
Frequency: Quarterly (January, April, July and October)

The International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education's origins date back to 1948, when the world’s first stored-programme digital computer ran at the University of Manchester. In 1963, the Bulletin of Electrical Engineering Education evolved into the International Journal of Electrical Engineering Education (IJEEE).

Today, IJEEE provides a showcase for international developments in the undergraduate teaching of electrical engineering and electronics, from power systems to nanotechnology.

Illustrated articles and occasional book reviews highlight current topics from a teaching perspective. Specific projects, case studies and reports of laboratory practice complement analyses of new teaching methods, curriculum design, assessment, validation, and new technologies. All papers are peer reviewed.

Dr Geoff Rubner

Executive Editor:
Ms Julie Johnson

Associate Editors:
Dr Judith Apsley
Mr David Foster
Mr Peter R. Green
Dr Pierluigi Mancarella
Dr Ognjen Marjanovic
Dr Max Migliorato
Mr Geoff Rubner
Dr Hujun Yin

Editorial Advisory Panel:
Robin King (University of South Australia)

Jose Policarpo G. de Abreu (Itajubá Federal University)

Claudio Cañizares (University of Waterloo)

Qing Pu Wang (Shandong University)

Michael Hoffmann (University of Ulm)

Nikos Hatziargyriou (National Technical University of Athens)

Amit Patra (Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur)

Carlo Alberto Nucci (University of Bologna)

Robert Hodgson (Massey University)

Saba Mylvaganam (Telemark University College)

Zbigniew Hanzelka (AGH-University of Science and Technology)

Vladimir Katic (University of Novi Sad); Milan Savic (University of Belgrade)

Chang Che-Sau (National University of Singapore)

Barry Dwolatzky (University of the Witwatersrand)

Kjell Jeppson (Chalmers University of Technology)

Goran Andersson (ETH Zurich)

Paulo F. Ribeiro (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Barry Beggs (Glasgow Caledonian University); John Mitchell (University College London); Sue Pulko (University of Hull); Ahmed Zobaa (Brunel University)

Alex Stankovic (Northeastern University)

Editorial Offices
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Sackville Street Building,
Sackville Street,
The University of Manchester,
M13 9PL

Tel: +44 (0)161 306 4799

Online submissions are made via the IJEEE ScholarOne website: New users will first need to create an account. Once logged in, submissions can be made through the Author Center. If you require assistance with the ScholarOne site, see the ‘Get Help Now’ link in the upper right corner to access the Author Guidelines, contact the ScholarOne team or search the FAQs.

Text format

  • There is no template, as papers are copy-edited before publication. Please prepare the paper in journal style (see below) as a simple text file, preferably in Microsoft Word.
  • Papers can be up to a maximum of 3000 words long (approx. 12 double-spaced typed A4 pages, excluding illustrations).
  • The main document should be saved without embedded illustrations as a single text file with References listed at the end, followed by any Appendices.
  • Indicate the desired position of a figure in your article by inserting the figure caption into the text of your article. Due to typesetting constraints it may not always be possible to place the figure in the same precise location. The caption should be brief and should be followed by the named source/credit for the illustration if appropriate. Also insert the caption, or a shortened version, when uploading the illustration to ScholarOne.
Illustrations format

The journal is printed in black and white but colour will be retained for the online edition. Please be prepared to upload illustrations, at a resolution of at least 300 dpi, in these electronic formats:

.eps (Encapsulated PostScript) for line diagrams, including those created using LaTeX

.tiff (Tagged Image File) for screen shots and other photos

  • We are unable to use your illustrations if they are embedded in your text file.
  • No more than five screen shots will be accepted unless by prior agreement; please keep the total number of illustrations to no more than 10.
  • Lettering should be simple, clear and large enough to allow for up to 50% reduction.
  • Please remove background tints or shading. Remember to use symbols rather than colours to distinguish between lines on graphs, as the print version of the journal is black and white.
Final page proofs

If the manuscript is accepted authors will eventually receive FINAL post-production page proofs to check in pdf. At this stage we can correct minor typographical errors, but editorial changes will not be accepted except for reasons of maintaining technical accuracy.

IJEEE style guide

Title page
  • Title of paper
  • Full name(s) and affiliation(s) of author(s), including one e-mail address for correspondence
  • An abstract in English (300 words max)
  • Up to 6 keywords (minimum 3)
Main text
  • Use SI units throughout
  • Use italic typeface for variables; bold for vectors and matrices. Note: dx/dt not dx/dt, etc.
  • Cite references from list as superscript numbers after punctuation, preferably at the end of each sentence; cite directly as 'in Ref. 7'
  • Cite figures, tables and equations like this: Table 1; Fig. 5; but Figs 3(a) and (b), and eqn or eqns (12). Spell out Figure, Equation at the beginning of a sentence
  • Define terms and abbreviations, except for those commonly used
  • Avoid footnotes to text; include in reference list
Reference list style

[Journal paper] J. A. Smith and P. S. Piper, 'Title of paper', Int. J. Elect. Enging. Educ., 21 (2012), 23. DOI:10.7227/IJEEE.49.4.1 [include DOI if available].

[Published online journal paper not yet assigned to a specific issue] J. A. Smith, 'Title of paper', Int. J. Elect. Enging. Educ., published online, day, month, year. DOI: 10.7227/IJEEE [include DOI if available].

[Published conference paper] J. A. Smith, 'Title of paper', in P. Chenand X. Lin (Eds), Proc. 26th Int. Conf. Educational Advances in Electrical Engineering (ICEAE26), Manchester, UK, 26-30 March, 2013 (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2013), pp.99-120.

[Unpublished conference presentation] J. A. Smith, Title of presentation, paper presentation at Int. Conf. Educational Advances in Electrical Engineering, Manchester, UK, 26-30 March, 2013.

[Web publication] ‘The student view of VLEs’, latest version available at, last accessed 07 April 2013.

[Book] J. A. Smith and P. S. Piper, Innovations in Electronics Teaching (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2012), pp.345-358.

[Chapter in edited book] J. A. Smith, 'Chapter title', in E. Jones (Ed.), Education in Engineering, 2nd edn (Manchester University Press, Manchester, 2010), pp. 213-216.


Tables should be submitted electronically and should be integrated into the typescript. See PDF file below for an example of correct table layout.
  • Unless the table is the original work of the author it should have a source line underneath, indicating where the information, statistics, etc. came from.
  • Heading above, in the form TABLE 1 Title of table
  • Solid line above and below column headings and solid line at foot of columns
  • No solid lines in body of table and no vertical lines anywhere. Avoid shading and grids
  • Avoid footnotes, but where necessary these should be given at the foot of the table (not included among notes to the text). Use lower-case, superscript letters rather than numbers, to avoid confusion.
All editorial enquiries to:

Julie Johnson
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Sackville Street Building,
Sackville Street,
The University of Manchester,
M13 9PL

Tel: +44 (0)161 306 4799

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