Ethnicity and Race in a Changing World: A Review Journal

  Editors: Julie Devonald, University of Manchester
ISSN: 1758-8685 (Online)
Frequency: Biannual (January and July)

Ethnicity and Race in a Changing World: A Review Journal is an Open Access journal contributing to the academic debate into race relations. It is an international, multidisciplinary journal aimed at academics, undergraduates, postgraduates, researchers and practitioners in the field. The journal will be published twice yearly and will include two peer reviewed academic essays, one research paper, one peer reviewed book review as well as 40 professionally produced short book reviews. The book reviews will be categorised under 13 subject headings covering many disciplines such as the arts, social sciences, history, geography, science and education.

The journal has now been discontinued, as of 2014.

Journal Editors:
Julie Devonald, University of Manchester
Hannah Niblett, University of Manchester

Journal Sub-editors:
Ruth Tait, University of Manchester

Associate Editors:
Doctor Laurence Brown, University of Manchester
Professor Emeritus Lou Kushnick, University of Manchester

The Editorial Board:
Akwasi Assensoh, Indiana University
Professor Alexander O. Boulton, Stevenson University, Professor of History
Andrew Pilkington, University of Northampton, Professor and Director of Equality and Diversity Research Group
Aubrey W. Bonnett, State University of New York (SUNY), Professor American Studies
Beverly Bunch-Lyons, Virginia Tech, Associate Professor of History
Brian Ward, University of Manchester, Professor and Head of American Studies
Catherine Gomes, RMIT University Melbourne, Lecturer in Asian Media and Culture
Celine-Marie Pascale, American University, Assistant Professor
Christopher Searle, University of Manchester, Director of Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre
Dana-ain Davis, Queens College, Associate Professor in Urban Studies
David Brunsma, University of Missouri, Associate Professor of Sociology and Black Studies
David Embrick, Loyola University, Chicago, Associate Professor of Sociology
Dorothy Aguilera, Lewis and Clark College, Assistant Professor
Fazila Bhimji, University of Central Lancashire, Senior Lecturer in Film and Media Studies
Glenn Omatsu, California State University, Lecturer in Asian American Studies
H.L.T. Quan, Arizona Sate University, Assistant Professor in School of Justice
Jo Frankham, Manchester Metropolitan University
James Frideres, University of Calgary, Director of International Indigenous Studies and Professor of Sociology
Kris Clarke, California State University, Assistant Professor
Laura Penketh, University of Manchester, Lecturer in Social Work and Social Policy
Lionel Mandy, California State University, Professor in African Studies
Lisa Maya Knauer, University of Massachusetts
Louis Kushnick, University of Manchester, Professor Emeritus
Mairela Nunez-Janes, University of North Texas, Assistants Professor in Anthropology
Marta I Cruz-Janzen, Florida Atlantic University, Professor
Melanie E. Bush, Adelphi University, Assistant Professor
Michele Simms-Burton, Howard University, Associate Professor in English and American Studies
Mojúbàolú Olúfúnké Okome, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, Professor of Political Science
Nuran Savaskan Akdogan, TODAIE, Turkey, Lecturer
Paul Okojie, MMU, Senior Law Lecturer
Pedro Caban, State University New York
Rajinder Dudrah, University of Manchester, Head of Drama, Senior lecturer in Screen Studies
Richard King, Washington State University, Associate Professor in Comparative and Ethnic Studies
Richard Schur, Drury University, Director and Associate Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
Roderick D. Bush, St. John's University,
Professor Roland Armando Alum, DeVry University,
Professor Silvia Carrasco Pons, Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona, Professor of Social Anthropology
Teal Rothschild, Roger Williams University, Associate Professor of Sociology
Thomas Blair, Editor, The Chronicle
Thomas J. Keil, Arizona State University, Professor of Sociology
Uvanney Maylor, London Metropolitan University, Senior Research Fellow
Willie J. Harrell, Kent State University, Assistant Professor
Zachary Williams, University of Akron, Assistant Professor of African American History
Saima Latif, University of Manchester.

From March 2014, the journal will not be accepting any further submissions.
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