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Editor: Monica Blake, Blake Information
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ISSN: 2050-4551 (Online)
Frequency: Three times a year

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Alexandria focuses on national and international library and information (LIS) issues. It is concerned with LIS related concepts, policy and practice within all national collection institutions. It accepts descriptive articles on particular national or major research libraries, or on the situation within a country or a region with regard to such matters as national information planning, bibliographic networks, cooperative information provision, open access, open data, standards, digitization and new library architecture. Discussion papers are also welcome on topics such as collection development, national retention and preservation policies, the promotion of national library services, and the response of national and major research libraries to the digital environment. Reviews of books or reports within the journal’s scope are also included.

Call for Papers

Monica Blake, Blake Information

Assistant Editor:
Lyn Robinson, City University London

Editorial Board:
Monica Blake, Editor, Blake Information
Michael Heaney, Library Consultant
Ia McIlwaine, University College London
Anthony Olden, University of West London
Lyn Robinson, City University London
Andy Stephens OBE, Library Consultant

Editorial Advisers:
Tatjana Aparac, University of Zadar, Croatia
Caroline Brazier, The British Library, UK
John Y. Cole, Library of Congress, USA
Erland Kolding Nielsen, Kongelige Bibliotek, Denmark
Ngian Lek Choh, National Library, Singapore
Peter J. Lor, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Ronald Milne, Ministry for Culture and Heritage, New Zealand
Carole Moore, University of Toronto Libraries, Canada
Paul Sturges, University of Loughborough, UK
Winston Tabb, Johns Hopkins University Library, USA
Janet Wilkinson, University of Manchester, UK
Notes for Contributors

Submissions and queries about the suitability of a topic should be emailed to the Editor, Monica Blake:

Conditions for submission. Articles submitted for publication should not normally have been published previously in any form, nor should they be in process of submission to another publication.

Length. Articles should generally be between 4,000 and 7,500 words long. Short communications should be no more than 3,000 words long.

Language. Articles should normally be in English. Where an article is translated from another language, the original text should also be submitted in case of uncertainty as to the meaning.

Form of submission. Articles within the scope of the journal should be submitted to the Editor either on a disk or by email as an attached file in a format compatible with Microsoft Word.

Graphics and figures. Illustrations may be used as appropriate. All photographs should be supplied separately as TIFFs or JPEGs at 300 dpi, not pasted into the article. All other illustrative material should be supplied in its original file format (ie. Excel file for graphs created in Excel) Complex tables should be on separate sheets.

Abstract and keywords. Each article should have at the beginning an abstract of up to 250 words, summarizing (not merely indicating) the contents, followed by five keywords.

Biographical note and photographs of author(s). A biographical note of 80-120 words should appear at the end of the article. A clear head-and-shoulders photograph of the author(s) should be supplied.

Structure. Articles should be structured into sections, with headings and (usually) subheadings. Examples of the style used are as follows:
  • Headings: INTRODUCTION
  • Subheadings: Automation procedures
  • Sub-subheadings (to be used only where absolutely necessary): Economic factors
References in text. References in the text should be in the form: Pica (1991). If it is preferable to give precise page numbers, they should be given in the text, e.g. (Pica, 1991, p. 36). References to websites of organizations or projects should be given in the text in the form

Footnotes. Where explanatory information cannot be included in the text (as is preferred), footnotes should be used, with a reference in the text..

References at end of text. All references to publications, including Web references, should appear at the end of the text in a section headed REFERENCES. They should be in the following style:
  • books: Pica, John (1984) The history of Sans Serif National Library. Oxford: Baskerville.
  • articles in journals
    - print: Pica, John (1991) ‘National library planning in Sans Serif’. Sans Serif Library Quarterly, 4(2), pp. 162-171.
    - online: Pica, John (1991) ‘National library planning in Sans Serif’. Sans Serif Library Quarterly, 4(2), pp. 162-171, DOI: 10.7227/123456 [or URL if no DOI]
    - advance online publication, not yet assigned to an issue: Pica, John (2013) ‘National library planning in Sans Serif’. Sans Serif Library Quarterly, first published online 01 Dec 2013, DOI: 10.7227/123456 [Use the year the article first appeared online.]
    - advance online publication, after assignment to an issue: Pica, John (2014) ‘National library planning in Sans Serif’. Sans Serif Library Quarterly, 4(2), pp. 162-171, first published online 01 Dec 2013, DOI: 10.7227/123456 [Use the year of the assigned issue.]
  • papers in collections (e.g. festschriften): Pica, John (1995) ‘The contribution of Peter Courier to librarianship in Sans Serif’. In: Aldus, Philip (ed.), Essays in honour of Peter Courier on his 60th birthday. Cambridge: Gutenberg Press, pp. 274-287.
  • URLs: Pica, John (2000) ‘New thoughts on national libraries’, (visited 5.12.02).
  • If two or more references are made to the same author, they should be in date order and take the form Pica, John (2001a), (1996b), etc.
Spelling. Spelling should conform to British usage, e.g. ‘centre’ not ‘center’.

Quotations. Use single quotation marks. Only use double quotation marks for a quote within a quote.

Copyright. Authors will be asked to sign a licence agreement with Manchester University Press, but according to the terms of the agreement they will retain reproduction rights in certain circumstances, provided that an acknowledgement of first publication in Alexandria is made in any subsequent publication. For further information please contact the Editor.

Open Access. MUP Open provides authors or their institutions and funders with the option of paying a fee and making an article permanently and immediately available for free online.

In addition, provided the author acknowledges that the work has been published in Alexandria, authors may upload the Post-Print or Accepted version of their article (the version of the paper after peer-review, with revisions having been made but before copy-editing and typesetting) to their institutional repository server and/or their own website. Any server on which the text is placed must be non-commercial. When posting, authors must provide full bibliographic details including a link to the published version. The author is responsible for clearing any copyright permissions required to allow them to post their article to their institutional repository.
For more information on Open Access and journals, see here.

Free and discounted copies. Authors of articles accepted for publication will receive on publication one free copy of the journal issue and are entitled to purchase from the publishers at a discount of 35% further copies of the journal for their own use and not for resale.
Subscription Information

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