Making socialists

Mary Bridges Adams and the fight for knowledge and power, 1855–1939

Jane Martin

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ISBN: 978-0-7190-8994-7
Subject Area: History
BIC Category: Social & cultural history
Published: August 2013
216 x 138 mm
272 pages
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • Making socialists sheds light on several major themes in late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century political and educational history. Mary Bridges Adams engaged in a wide range of political activities, and sought to transform government policy through socialist initiatives, with the ultimate aim of creating a social nation. By 1900, she was well known as a campaigner for improvements in working-class education.

    The author has assembled a thorough range of sources, including new materials that will bring fresh insights to Labour Party and socialist historiography. Through an appreciation of Mary’s vision, this book provides an examination of areas of experience lost in grander narratives, and offers a fresh set of perspectives on the place of education in the study of British socialism.

    Making socialists will interest a wide academic readership, across the fields of political, social and educational history, particularly students and scholars of women’s history and the history of socialism.
    Introduction – biography and history
    1. Being Mary
    2. Rebel communities
    3. Labour politics in London
    4. Rethinking socialism and education
    5. Education and class struggle
    6. The disinherited child and the politics of voice
    7. Bebel house and the political education of working women
    8. Revolutionary politics and World War One
    9. Reflections, connections and utopian visions
    Appendix 1 - The Daltry family tree
    Appendix 2 - The Adams family tree
    Appendix 3 – Mary Bridges Adams, time-line
    Appendix 4 – Biographical notes
    Jane Martin is Professor of Social History of Education at the University of Birmingham
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