Theatres on film

How the cinema imagines the stage

Russell Jackson

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ISBN: 978-0-7190-8879-7
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Published: December 2012
234 x 170 mm
320 pages
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • Theatres on Film is an innovative contribution to the study of both theatre and film history. With its detailed discussion of popular and influential films that have taken the theatre as their subject, informed by a strong sense of the cultural and historical background.

    This book focuses on the significance and effect of theatrical subject matter in key films in several genres, and range from Busby Berkeley to Ingmar Bergman, and from the haunted backstage world of The Phantom of the Opera to the sinister glamour of The Red Shoes and the theatrical politics of Mephisto and The Lives of Others.

    Theatres on Film will appeal to film- and theatregoers, as well as to readers with an academic or professional interest in its subject.
    List of illustrations
    Introduction: the lure of the theatre
    1. The backstage movie and the patterns of theatre life
    • Performing against the odds: 42nd Street and Gold Diggers of 1933
    • Other styles and aspirations: Astaire and Rogers at RKO, the ‘Broadway Melody’ series, and Rooney and Garland at MGM
    • Backstager themes revisited: Singin’ in the Rain, A Star is Born (1954) and The Band Wagon
    2. Biopics, classic and revisionist
    • Jolson’s iconic career and the religion of showbusiness
    • Glorifying the American impresario: The Great Ziegfeld
    • Yankee Doodle Dandy: George M. Cohan and ‘the mainspring in the Yankee Clock’
    • The revisionist biopic: Shakespeare and Molière in love, Gilbert and Sullivan in difficulties
    3. All about the Actress
    • Not quite All About Eve,
    • All About my Mother: performing (as) women
    4. The Uncanny Theatre
    • Beneath the scenes, behind the walls: The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
    • A Double Life: mean streets, shadows and noir Shakespeare
    • The Red Shoes: glamour, ambition and retribution
    • Theatre and the haunted childhood: Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander
    5. Theatricality and Politics
    • A double life in a fascist regime: Mephisto (1981)
    • Spying and spectating: The Lives of Others (2007)
    • Theatre in a world of shadows: The Last Métro (1980)
    6. Three auteurs and the theatre
    • Marcel Carné’s Les enfants du paradis: the theatre as film’s double
    • Jean Renoir and the theatre as image of society
    • Jaques Rivette and the incomplete theatre
    Filmography and Bibliography

    Russell Jackson is Allardyce Nicoll Professor of Drama in the Department of Drama and Theatre Arts, University of Birmingham
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