Reassessing 1970s Britain

Edited by Lawrence Black, Hugh Pemberton and Pat Thane

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ISBN: 978-0-7190-8814-8
Subject Area: Politics
BIC Category: Social & cultural history
Published: January 2013
234 x 156 mm
288 pages
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • This book examines a decade of extraordinary ferment in ideas, and the battles about those ideas out of which emerged the Britain of the late-twentieth century.

    In addressing the ideational contours of the decade, Reassessing 1970s Britain takes an innovative approach. It assembles a group of actors who were influential in generating and disseminating new ideas in the 1970s to reflect on key texts and arguments in which they were closely involved during that decade, and debate them with contemporary historians. It ranges over a wide field, encompassing politics, economics, women’s liberation, and popular culture. It also engages with the ways in which such ideas were disseminated to a wider audience.

    Reassessing 1970s Britain will be of interest to lecturers and students in a wide range of disciplines: modern British history, economic history, cultural history, social history, politics, gender studies, and cultural studies.
    1. Introduction: The benighted decade? Reassessing the seventies
    Lawrence Black and Hugh Pemberton
    2. The politics of economic decline in the 1970s
    James Alt
    3. The politics of declinism
    Jim Tomlinson
    4. A time for confession
    Samuel Brittan
    5. Brittan on Britain: decline, declinism and the ‘traumas of the 1970s’
    Roger Middleton
    6. Alternative European and economic strategies
    Stuart Holland
    7. The challenge of Stuart Holland: the Labour Party’s economic strategy during the 1970s
    Mark Wickham-Jones
    8. Jam today: feminist impacts and transformations in the 1970s
    Lynne Segal
    9. Women and the 1970s. Towards liberation?
    Pat Thane
    10. Stanley Cohen’s Folk Devils and Moral Panics revisited
    Bill Osgerby
    11. Penguin Books in the long-1970s: a company not a sacred institution
    Peter Mayer
    12. Penguin Books and the ‘market place for ideas’
    Dean Blackburn
    13. Afterword: The future of the 1970s
    Lawrence Black and Hugh Pemberton
    Lawrence Black
    Lawrence Black is Professor of Modern British History at the University of York ...
    Hugh Pemberton
    Hugh Pemberton is Reader in Contemporary British History at the University of Bristol ...
    Pat Thane
    Pat Thane is Research Professor at King's College, London and a Fellow of the British Academy. ...
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