The British Film Institute, the government and film culture, 1933-2000

Edited by Geoffrey Nowell-Smith and Christophe Dupin

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ISBN: 978-0-7190-7908-5
Subject Area: Film and Media
BIC Category: Film, TV & radio
Published: May 2012
234 x 138 mm
288 pages
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • The British Film Institute (BFI) is one of the UK’s oldest and most important government-supported cultural institutions. From a modest start in the 1930s it grew rapidly after the war to encompass every kind of film-related activity from production to archiving to exhibition to education. At the beginning of the twenty-first century its turnover was approaching £30m and it had become a central point of reference for anyone whose interest in film stretched beyond what’s on at the local multiplex.

    There was nothing straightforward about this rise to prominence. It was achieved in the face of government indifference, active obstruction from the film trade, internecine warfare within the organisation and fierce contestation on the part of the BFI’s own core public.

    Based on intensive original research in the BFI’s own voluminous archives and elsewhere, this book examines the interplay of external and internal forces that led to the BFI’s unique development as a multi-faceted public body.

    This volume will be a treasure trove for anyone interested in film and the workings of cultural institutions, or more generally in twentieth century British film history.

    List of illustrations
    Foreword by Sir Denis Forman
    Editors' Introduction
    Foundation and early years - Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
    Post-War Renaissance - Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
    'Je t'aime – moi non plus': Ernest Lindgren and Henri Langlois - Christophe Dupin
    The BFI and Film Exhibition, 1933-1970 - Christophe Dupin
    The Vanguard of film Appreciation: the Film Society movement and film Culture, 1945-1965 - Richard MacDonald
    From the 1964 Labour government to the 1970 BFI Crisis - Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
    The view from the regions - Melanie Selfe
    Paddy Whannel and BFI Education - Terry Bolas
    The 1970s - Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
    The Smith years - Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
    The BFI and film production: half a century of innovative independent film- making - Christophe Dupin
    The BFI and television - Richard Paterson
    The Sight and Sound story - Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
    A public showcase for the BFI: the Museum of the Moving Image - Lorraine Blakemore
    Towards the Millennium - Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
    Geoffrey Nowell-Smith
    Geoffrey Nowell-Smith is an Honorary Professorial Fellow in the School of History, Queen Mary, University of London ...
    Christophe Dupin
    Christophe Dupin is Senior Administrator at the International Federation of Film Archives in Brussels ...
    "The book is wide ranging in scope, covering not only the BFI, but 75 years of British cultural life, including film societies, the film archive movement and the Museum of the Moving Image." "This volume will be a treasure trove for anyone interested in film and the workings of cultural institutions, or more generally in 20th century British film history." ...a lively account

    ...the editors have produced a well-organized overview of the institution, its historical ups and downs, and most intriguingly of all, the shifting power relationships between the BFI and the succession of British goverments that have affected its fortunes for good or ill.
    ...this book does provide a balanced and incisive insight into the range of its activities, its institutional relationships (both internal and external) and its organizational development.
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