John Galsworthy and disabled soldiers of the Great War

with an illustrated selection of his writings

Jeffrey S. Reznick

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ISBN: 978-0-7190-7792-0
Series: Cultural History of Modern War
Subject Area: History
BIC Category: First World War
Published: December 2009
216 x 138 mm
240 pages
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • John Galsworthy – recipient of the 1932 Nobel Prize for literature – was one of the best-selling authors of the twentieth century. His literary reputation overshadows what he achieved during the Great War, which was his humanitarian support for and his compositions about soldiers disabled in the conflict.

    *John Galsworthy and disabled soldiers of the Great War* represents the most comprehensive study published to date about this literature of the ‘war to end all wars.’ It makes available for the first time in a single edition the most significant of his compositions about disabled soldiers, recovering them from scholarly neglect, examining their value as historical documents and connecting them to iconic images and artifacts of the period.

    This study will be of interest to a wide academic audience, to readers interested in the history of the Great War, to policymakers associated with veterans’ issues, and to medical professionals in the fields of physical medicine and rehabilitation.
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    John Galsworthy and the Great War: Rediscovery and reappraisal
    Part I – Non-fiction
    1. Foreword to The Queen’s gift book in aid of Queen Mary’s convalescent auxiliary hospitals for soldiers and sailors who have lost their limb in the war
    2. Totally disabled
    3. For the maimed – now!
    4. Remade or marred: A great national duty
    5. The need for reality
    6. Kitchener Houses: Occupation and convalescence
    7. The sacred work
    8. The gist of the matter
    9. Looking ahead
    10. Spirit and letter
    Part II – Fiction
    At home in England
    11. The recruit
    12. Heritage
    13. Addresses some soldiers on their future
    At Hôpital Bénévole in France
    14. Flotsam and Jetsam: A reminiscence
    15. ‘Cafard’
    16. Poirot and Bidan: A recollection
    Selected chronology, 1914-1933
    Selected bibliography
    Jeffrey S. Reznick is an Honorary Research Fellow in the Department of Modern History of the University of Birmingham, a member of Birmingham’s Centre for First World War Studies and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.
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