Christmas in nineteenth-century England

Neil Armstrong

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ISBN: 978-0-7190-7759-3
Series: Studies in Popular Culture
Subject Area: History
BIC Category: Social & cultural history
Published: September 2010
234 x 156 mm
208 pages
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • Despite its enduring popularity as a national festival, Christmas has been largely neglected by English historians. Neil Armstrong offers the first study to examine both the experience and representation of Christmas during the formative period of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This book explores the origins of our deeply held notions of the traditional nature of Christmas and demonstrates how they were shaped by English modernity. A study of both continuity and change, Christmas in nineteenth-Ccntury England makes an important contribution to cultural and social history, and is essential reading for anyone interested in the history of childhood, the family, philanthropy, work and consumerism. Scholarly yet accessible, it will be enjoyed by academics, students and the general public alike.
    List of figures
    1. Introduction
    2. The print iconography of Christmas
    3. Family and childhood
    4. Work and leisure
    5. Philanthropy
    6. Christmas entertainments
    7. Shopping and advertising
    Neil Armstrong is Senior Lecturer in History at Teesside University
    The author draws on the evidence provided by several northern newspapers, together with charitable and institutional reports to discuss a variety of aspects: print iconography, family and childhood, work, leisure, philanthropy, entertainments, and shopping.
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