Victorians and the Virgin Mary

Religion and gender in England 1830 - 1885

Carol Engelhardt Herringer

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ISBN: 978-0-7190-7753-1
Series: Gender in History
Subject Area: History
BIC Category: British & Irish history
Published: May 2008
216 x 138 mm
256 pages
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • This interdisciplinary study of competing representations of the Virgin Mary examines how anxieties about religious and gender identities intersected to create public controversies that, whilst ostensibly about theology and liturgy, were also attempts to define the role and nature of women. Drawing on a variety of sources, this book seeks to revise our understanding of the Victorian religious landscape, both retrieving Catholics from the cultural margins to which they are usually relegated, and calling for a reassessment of the Protestant attitude to the feminine ideal.

    This book will be useful to advanced students and scholars in a variety of disciplines including history, religious studies, Victorian studies, women’s history and gender studies, as well as the educated lay reader who is interested in changing views of the Virgin Mary.
    1 Religion, gender, and the Virgin Mary
    2 The Catholic Virgin Mary
    3 The Protestant Virgin Mary
    4 Sex, sin, and salvation: The debate over the Immaculate Conception
    5 The Virgin Mary and the formation of Victorian masculinities
    Carol Engelhardt Herringer is Professor of History at Wright State University
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