A minority and the state

Travellers in Britain in the twentieth century

Becky Taylor

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ISBN: 978-0-7190-7567-4
Subject Area: History
BIC Category: First World War
Published: April 2008
216 x 138 mm
240 pages
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • 'A minority and the state' is a much needed history of Britain's travelling communities in the twentieth century, drawing together detailed archival research at local and national level to explore the impact of state and legislative developments on Travellers, as well as their experience of missions, education, war and welfare. It also covers legal developments affecting Travellers and crucially argues that their history must not be dealt with in isolation but as part of a wider history of British minoritiesll.

    It will be of interest to scholars and students concerned with minority groups, the welfare state and the expansion of government, as well as general readers and practitioners working with Travellers.
    Preface and acknowledgements
    Part 1 – 1900-45
    1.1 Travellers’ lives
    1.2 The state and its legal responses
    1.3 Education and missions
    Part 2- 1945-68
    2.1 Traveller’s lives
    2.2 The state and site provision
    2.3 Travellers and the welfare state
    Part 3 – 1968-2000
    3.1 State developments and Travellers’ responses
    Select bibliography
    Becky Taylor is Research Fellow at the Centre for Migration, University of Sussex
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