Margaret Cavendish

Emma L. E. Rees

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ISBN: 978-0-7190-6072-4
Subject Area: Literature
BIC Category: Literary theory
Published: January 2004
216 x 138 mm
224 pages
Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • Margaret Cavendish was the most extraordinary seventeenth-century Englishwoman, refusing to be silent when exiled by the Crowmellian regime, she fought to make her voice heard through her fascinating publications.
    Introduction: A glorious resurrection
    1. The 1650s: Genre and exile
    2. 'Sweet Honey of the Muses': Lucretian resonance in 'Poems, and Fancies'
    3. 'Heavens Library': Platonic paradigms and trial by genre
    4. Travellia's travails: Homeric motifs in 'Assaulted and Pursued Chastity'
    5. Figures of speech: 'The Animall Parliament'
    6. Fictions of the mind
    Conclusion: Rehabilitations
    Appendix A – 'A horrible precipice': Lucy Hutchinson's Lucretius
    Emma L. E. Rees is Senior Lecturer in English Literature at The University of Chester
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