Subject: History

Maxine Peake

  By Tony Mason, Senior Commissioning Editor   OK, so we’re looking for an inspirational character to help promote Women’s History Month here at Manchester University Press. The person... READ MORE

Helen Bamber

By Lianne Slavin, Editorial Services Manager   HELEN BAMBER was 19 when she travelled to Bergen-Belsen with the Jewish Relief Unit to work with survivors of the Holocaust. She died in 2014, aged... READ MORE

Vote 100: 2018 – Jill Liddington

Why is 2018 such a significant year? 2018 is the centenary of winning Votes for Women. On 6 February 1918, the suffrage campaign was victorious ~ at long last! Women over 30 (or at least the great... READ MORE

MMSO New Titles for 2018

Manchester Medieval Sources Online is an invaluable resource for students and scholars alike, offering easy and extensive access to digital history sources. This collection seeks to bring to life... READ MORE

Tweeds for the high street

By Regina Lee Blaszczyk There was a time when the British high street looked very different than it does today. In 1900, the clothing trade was dominated by tailors and dressmakers and by independent... READ MORE

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