Subject: Cultural Studies

Africa Day and Algerian National Cinema

    Algeria is a complex society which remains little known or understood in the UK. This lack of knowledge was highlighted recently when Nick Robinson, the BBC’s lead political reporter,... READ MORE

  Yilin Press to publish Chinese translation of Marxism and History The Chinese translation of Marxism and History, Second Edition, by Stephen Rigby, is due to be published next month. Foreign... READ MORE

Have you got the stomach for fighting?

Have you started a new diet that you’re struggling to stick to? Or, perhaps you’ve given up a foodie vice (chocolate is always the big one at Manchester University Press!) for lent. As a nation,... READ MORE

Hot off the press!

The much awaited The transformation of European football? is now available The book examines the transformation of European football in recent years, by focusing on the impact of Europe in general and... READ MORE

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