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Anarchism, 1914–18

By Matthew S. Adams and Ruth Kinna   ‘The way to do away with war is for those who do not want war … to refrain from fighting’ When he wrote these words in 1898, Tolstoy was... READ MORE

Q and A – Imperium of the soul

With Norman Etherington     What book in this field has inspired you the most? Edward Said, Orientalism. Did your research take you to any unexpected places? Vienna, New Delhi, Aqaba, Cape... READ MORE

Q & A – The metamorphosis of autism

By Bonnie Evans   What book in this field has inspired you the most? As an undergraduate, I read Governing the Soul by Nikolas Rose and was inspired to think more deeply about the way that... READ MORE

Afghanistan: The Greatest Game

Eric JAMES, PhD Author of The humanitarian-military complex in Afghanistan World attention lately has been on a batch of crises; the Syria civil war, the flow of refugees into Europe and political... READ MORE

Snakebite, science and suffering

Encouraging your pet cobra to bite you was perhaps not an auspicious way to end an inter-colonial journey. Yet when Victorian manure merchant John Burstall arrived in Melbourne in 1867, he did just... READ MORE

My favourite University Press books

By Rebecca Moore – Publishing Support Assistant   Harold Wilson once said that ‘a week is a long time in politics’- which is really much of an understatement when considering the... READ MORE

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