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Why Do Researchers Blog?

Individual academics and researchers are migrating online in droves, with more and more seeking to establish a ‘digital presence’ that will aid discoverability of their work. A move endorsed by... READ MORE

What if debt can’t be repaid?

Debt as Power explains the dangerous connection between the rate at which economies must grow and the enormous debts owed by governments, corporations and consumers.  Globally, that debt now exceeds... READ MORE

Why Women’s History Month?

Guest Post by Jill Liddington   March celebrates Women’s History Month, but do we really need it any longer? After all, so many of the campaigns and struggles of earlier generations of UK... READ MORE

Competition Time – Superb Shirt-Off*!

Senior Commissioning Editor, Tom Dark, has an excellent reputation at MUP for wearing superb shirts, here he is in one of his best. And now for a close-up… Do you have what it takes to compete... READ MORE

The fantasy fiction formula

By Deborah Chester Why does the world need yet another book on how to write fantasy fiction? Because the public continues to show a nearly insatiable desire for more stories in this genre, and... READ MORE

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