This new series published by Manchester University Press responds to the growing interest in disability as a discipline worthy of historical research.

The series has a broad international historical merit, encompassing issues that include class, race, gender, age, war, medical treatment, professionalisation, environments, work, institutions and cultural and social aspects of disablement; including representations of disabled people in literature, film, art and the media. We welcome all proposals from a wide range of geographical locations and time periods.

For more information, contact:-

Dr Julie Anderson
CHSTM, University of Manchester
2nd Floor, Simon Building
Brunswick Street
Manchester M13 9PL
[email protected]

Professor Walton Schalick
Dept. of Medical History and Bioethics
University of Wisconsin-Madison
1300 University Avenue, 1410
Madison, WI 53706
[email protected]

To submit a proposal/manuscript, contact:

Emma Brennan
Commissioning Editor, History
Manchester University Press
Oxford Road
Manchester M139 9NR
emma.b[email protected]

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

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