Manchester University Press (MUP) is situated in the heart of one of the most vibrant universities and cities in the UK. Founded in 1904, we’re the third largest university press in England, and our distinctive brand is known globally for excellent research in the Humanities and Social Sciences from leading names and up-and-coming scholars around the World. We currently publish over 170 books each year, as well as seven journals.




MUP is a leader in employing best practices in 21st-century publishing. We relish opportunities to innovate and explore new ways of supporting scholarly communications, and we try to stay responsive to the changing needs of the academic community and our broader readership. For example, we offer more open access books than any other UK university press. We work closely with our parent institution, the University of Manchester. We also offer our expert services to others, such as the newly established Lund University Press where MUP provides high-quality production, marketing and distribution services.

Discoverability, accessibility and researchability are all features of publishing that we care about, as well as the traditional values of excellent author care, good design and high production values. We’re proud to be able to say that MUP authors come back to us time and again.

Our new website introduces opportunities for you to interact with us in more ways than ever before. We look forward to hearing from you.






Editorial Committee

All MUP commissioning must be approved by the Editorial Committee, which is composed of academics based at the University of Manchester.

Current Committee members:

Professor Hannah Barker, History
Dr David Butler, Drama
Dr Jerome De Groot, English and American Studies
Dr Gemma Edwards, Sociology
Dr Douglas Field, English and American Studies
Dr Rob Ford, Politics
Professor Maggie Gale, Drama
Dr Vladimir Jankovic, CHSTM
Professor Diana Mitlin, Director of Global Urban Research Centre and Associate Director BWPI
Dr David Kirby, CHSTM
Dr Stephen Mossman, History
Dr Robert Spencer, English and American Studies
Professor Bertrand Taithe, History (Committee Chair)
Professor Georgina Waylen, Politics
Professor Karel Williams, Manchester Business School
Professor Maja Zehfuss, Politics


Governance of Manchester University Press

Management Board

Manchester University Press is a department of the University of Manchester. Its affairs are overseen by a Management Board that meets four times a year.
Current Board members:

Simon Ross (CEO, ex officio member)
Alistair Ulph (Chair)
Michael Crick
Vincent Cassidy
Karel Williams
Jan Wilkinson (University Librarian)
Chris Trask (on behalf of the Finance Directorate)
Bertrand Taithe (Chair of the Editorial Committee)




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