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Manchester University Press offices circa 2010 Founded in 1904, MUP is the third largest University Press in England and publishes monographs and textbooks by authors from all over the world.
Currently publishing 145 new books a year and managing a portfolio of 14 journals as well as an extensive backlist of over 1000 titles, the Press sells more than 150,000 books each year to a global audience. The Press exports some 50 percent of output to more than 60 countries using representatives in Britain, Ireland and Europe and agents elsewhere including North America, Canada and Australia.

MUP has well-established editorial, production, design and marketing department and employs nineteen staff. In addition the various departments within the Press regularly call upon an established pool of professional freelancers.

Governance of Manchester University Press

Management Board
Manchester University Press is a department of the University of Manchester. Its affairs are overseen by a Management Board that meets three times a year.
Current Board members:
Alistair Ulph (Chair)
Michael Crick
Edward Milford
Jan Hennessey
Jan Wilkinson (University Librarian)
Louise Bissell (on behalf of the Finance Directorate)
Bertrand Taithe (Chair of the Editorial Committee)

Editorial Committee
All MUP commissioning must be approved by the Editorial Committee, which is composed of academics based at the University of Manchester.
Current Committee members:

Professor Hannah Barker, History
Dr David Butler, Drama
Dr Daniella Caselli, English and American Studies
Dr Jerome De Groot, English and American Studies
Dr Gemma Edwards, Sociology
Dr Douglas Field, English and American Studies
Dr Rob Ford, Politics
Professor Maggie Gale, Drama
Dr Vladimir Jankovic, CHSTM
Professor Uma Kothari, School of Environment, Education and Development
Dr David Kirby, CHSTM
Dr Stephen Mossman, History
Professor Bertrand Taithe, History (Committee Chair)
Professor Georgina Waylen, Politics
Professor Karel Williams, Manchester Business School
Professor Maja Zehfuss, Politics

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