A History of the University of Manchester, 1973–90

By Brian Pullan

With Michele Abendstern

A History of the University of Manchester, 1973–90
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  • ISBN: 978-1-8477-9551-9
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  • Published Date: July 2013
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Frank and entertaining account of the University of Manchester's struggle to meet the Government's demands for the rapid expansion of higher education in the 1950s and the 1960s. Looks at the University's ambitious building program: the controversial attempts to reform its constitution and improve its communications amid demands for greater democracy in the workplace, the struggle to retain its old pre-eminence in a competitive world where new 'green field' universities were rivalling older civic institutions. Tells the story, not just from the point of view of administrators and academics, but also from those of students and support staff (such as secretaries, technicians and engineers). Uses, not only official records, but also student newspapers, political pamphlets, and reminisences collected through interviews conducted by an experienced oral historian. The only book on the University of Manchester as a whole.


Brian Pullan is Emeritus Professor of Modern History at the University of Manchester


Preface Abbreviations Preliminary Note Part I The 1970s 1. Uncertainty, economy and improvisation 2. The academics: Achievement and self-doubt 3. The academics: Consultation and conditions 4. The students: Life and opinions 5. The students: Campaigns and causes Part II The 1980s 6. New direction 7. Contraction, 1981-84 8. Enterprise and economy 9. The Students' Union and the politicians 10. Efficiency and academic freedom 11. Research and rationalisation 12. Student culture in the 1980s 13. Epilogue Sources and Bibliography People Interviewed Statistical Appendix

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