Ballads and songs of Peterloo

By Alison Morgan

Ballads and songs of Peterloo

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  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-1-7849-9312-2
  • Pages: 240
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
  • Price: £75.00
  • Published Date: July 2018
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Ballads and songs of Peterloo is an edited collection of poems and songs written following the Peterloo Massacre in 1819. This collection, which includes over seventy poems, were published either as broadsides or in radical periodicals and newspapers. Notes to support the reading of the texts are provided, but they also stand alone, conveying the original publications without diluting their authenticity.

Following an introduction outlining the massacre, the radical press and broadside ballad, the poems are grouped into six sections according to theme. Shelley's Masque of Anarchy is included as an appendix in acknowledgement of its continuing significance to the representation of Peterloo.

This book is primarily aimed at students and lecturers of Romanticism and social history.


Alison Morgan is a senior teaching fellow in the Centre for Teacher Education at the University of Warwick


List of illustrations
The response
The response of the radical press
Radical periodicals
Radical periodicals in the 1790s
Radical periodicals in the 1810s
The broadside ballad
The antiquarian movement
The protest ballad
Section one: 'Rise Britons, rise now from your slumber': the revolutionary call to arms
1. 'Address to the Prince Regent'
2. 'The Appeal of Blood'
3. 'Song to Liberty'
4. 'Patriotic Song'
5. 'A New Song'
6. A New Song. On Peterloo Meeting
7. 'Song'
8. 'The Watch Word of Britons'
9. 'Address to Britons'
10. 'The Manchester Massacre, or Adieu to Slavery'
Section two: 'Ye English warriors': radical nationalism and the true patriot
1. 'Britons Who Have Often Bled'
2. 'An Address to "The Rabble"'
3. The White Hat
4. 'Song'
5. 'Sonnet'
6. 'The Measure of Ministers'
7. Untitled
8. 'Manchester Heroes'
9. 'National Songs. - No. 1'
10. 'Reformer's Song of Liberty'
11. 'The Voice of Britannia'
Section three: 'Base brat of reform': The victimisation of mother and child
1. 'The Peterloo Man'
2. 'Peterloo'
3. 'Manchester Yeomanry Valour'
4. 'A New Song'
5. 'The Sword King'
6. Peterloo
7. Another Song Concerning Peterloo
8. 'To Henry Hunt, Esquire'
Section four: 'Your memorials shall survive the grave': elegy and remembrance
1. 'It is Lovely to Die for Our Country'
2. 'The Patriot's Grave'
3. A Tribute to the Immortal Memory of the Reformers, Who Fell on the 16th of August, 1819.
4. 'Elegiac Apostrophe to the memory of the Unfortunate Persons Who Were Killed at Manchester, on 16th of August'
5. 'Stanzas Occasioned by the Manchester Massacre'
6. 'On a Bloody Massacre'
7. 'The Peterloo Victim'
8. 'The Song of the Slaughter, To Commemorate the Horrid Deeds Performed at Manchester on the 16th of August, 1819'
9. 'To The Major of a Certain Regiment'
10. 'The Plains of St Peter'
11. Manchester Meeting: A New Song
12. The Answer to Peter-Loo
13. The Meeting at Peterloo
14. The Field of Peterloo: An Heroic Poem in Two Cantos to which is added An Address to liberty
15. The Peterloo Massacre
16. 'The Late Proceedings'
Section five: 'Those true sons of Mars': chivalry, cowardice and the power of satire
1. The Renowned Atchievements [sic] of Peter-Loo on the Glorious Sixteenth Day of August, 1819
2. 'The Manchester Yeoman'
3. 'Verses for the Boys of Manchester'
5. 'The Bloody Field of Peterloo! A New Song'
6. 'To the Gentlemen Yeomanry of Manchester'
7. 'The Butcher and Hog: In imitation of a scene on St. Peter's Field, Manchester'
8. 'Tribute to Certain Military Heroes Occasioned by the Recent Horrors of Manchester'
9. 'A Prayer'
10. 'To the Livery'd Assassins'
11. 'The Norwich Declaration'
12. 'The Devils that Stirred up the Storm: A New Song by the R-G-T'S Ministers and the M--------R MAG-----TES'
13. 'Four Wise Heads Together'
14. 'From Mr Batty, Clerk to - Milne, Esq. Coroner, to his Friend in London'
15. 'Paddy Bull's Epistle to his Brother John'
16. 'An Humble Address; 1.TO THE MAG-ST- - TES 2. TO THE M- - T- - Y; AND 3. TO THE SP-C- - L CONS- - BLES'
17. 'Saint Ethelstone's Day'
Section six: "Freeman stand, or freeman die": liberty and slavery
1. Peterloo
2. 'Address to Liberty'
3. 'Song of Liberty'
4. 'Acrostic to Liberty'
5. 'Downfall of Despotism'
6. 'Lines Written During Confinement in Lancaster Castle By S. Bamford, author of the "Weaver Boy"'
8. 'A Soliloquy of Lord C---------h, on beholding a Vision of the Goddess of Liberty as he rose from his dinner, to proceed to the H---e of C-----s, with his new Bills against the remaining liberties of Englishmen'
9. 'Hunt and Liberty'
10. A New Song
11. With Henry Hunt We'll Go
12. An Acrostic
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