Intellectual disability

A conceptual history, 1200–1900

Edited by Patrick McDonagh, C. F. Goodey and Timothy Stainton

Intellectual disability
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  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • Published Date: January 2018
  • BIC Category: History of Medicine, MEDICAL / History, SOCIAL SCIENCE / People with Disabilities, HISTORY / Social History, Medicine / History of medicine, Humanities / Social & cultural history, Society & social sciences / Disability: social aspects
  • Series: Disability History


1. Introduction: the emergent critical history of intellectual disability - Patrick McDonagh, C.F. Goodey, and Tim Stainton
2. Conceptualization of intellectual disability in medieval English law - Wendy J. Turner
3. 'Will-nots' and 'Cannots': tracing a trope in medieval thought - Irina Metzler
4. 'Some have it from birth, some by disposition': foolishness in medieval German literature - Janina Dillig
5. Exclusion from the eucharist: the seventeenth-century church and the creation of 'intellectually' disabled people - C.F. Goodey
6. 'A defect in the mind': cognitive ableism in Swift's Gulliver's Travels - D. Christopher Gabbard
7. Sensationalism and the construction of intellectual disability - Tim Stainton
8. Peter the 'wild boy': what Peter means to us - Katie Branch, Clemma Fleat, Nicola Grove, Tim Lumley Smith, and Robin Meader
9. 'Belief', 'opinion' and 'knowledge': the idiot in law in the the long eighteenth century - Simon Jarrett
10. Idiocy and the conceptual economy of madness - Murray K. Simpson
11. Visiting Earlswood: the asylum travelogue and the shaping of 'idiocy' - Patrick McDonagh

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