Civilising rural Ireland

The co-operative movement, development and the nation-state, 1889–1939

By Patrick Doyle

Civilising rural Ireland
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  • ISBN: 978-1-5261-2458-6
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  • Published Date: January 2019
  • BIC Category: Politics, POLITICAL SCIENCE / General, Humanities / Modern history to 20th century: c 1700 to c 1900, Society & social sciences / Comparative politics, Employee-Ownership & Co-Operatives


The introduction of co-operative societies into the Irish countryside during the late-nineteenth century transformed rural society and created an enduring economic legacy. Civilising rural Ireland challenges predominant narratives of Irish history that explain the emergence of the nation-state through the lens of political conflict and violence. Instead the book takes as its focus the numerous leaders, organisers, and members of the Irish co-operative movement. Together these people captured the spirit of change as they created a modern Ireland through their reorganisation of the countryside, the spread of new economic ideas, and the promotion of mutually-owned businesses. Besides giving a comprehensive account of the co-operative movement's introduction to Irish society the book offers an analysis of the importance of these radical economic ideas upon political Irish nationalism.


Patrick Doyle is Hallsworth Research Fellow at the University of Manchester


1 The origins of co-operation in Ireland
2 A civilisation among the fields
3 Ireland in the new century
4 Co-operation and life during wartime
5 The co-operative movement and the War of Independence
6 A Co-operative Commonwealth in the Free State?

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