The Korean War in Britain

Citizenship, selfhood and forgetting

By Grace Huxford

The Korean War in Britain


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  • Format: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 978-1-5261-1895-0
  • Pages: 216
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
  • Price: £80.00
  • Published Date: May 2018
  • BIC Category: History, HISTORY / Modern / 20th Century, HISTORY / Europe / Great Britain, HISTORY / Military / Korean War, Humanities / Social & cultural history, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Korean War
  • Series: Cultural History of Modern War


The Korean War in Britain explores the social and cultural impact of the Korean War (1950-53) on Britain. Coming just five years after the ravages of the Second World War, Korea was a deeply unsettling moment in post-war British history. From allegations about American use of 'germ' warfare to anxiety over Communist use of 'brainwashing' and treachery at home, the Korean War precipitated a series of short-lived panics in 1950s Britain. But by the time of its uneasy ceasefire in 1953, the war was becoming increasingly forgotten. Using Mass Observation surveys, letters, diaries and a wide range of under-explored contemporary material, this book charts the war's changing position in British popular imagination and asks how it became known as the 'Forgotten War'. It explores the war in a variety of viewpoints - conscript, POW, protester and veteran - and is essential reading for anyone interested in Britain's Cold War past.


Grace Huxford is Lecturer in British History at the University of Bristol


Introduction: The Korean War in Britain
1. No woman wants any more war: popular responses to the outbreak of war
2. You're in Korea my son: experiencing battle
3. Citizen soldiers: national servicemen in the Korean War
4. Brainwashing in Britain: Korean War prisoners of war
5. How to bring the boys home: popular opposition to the Korean War
6. Forgetting Korea: the Korean War in popular memory, 1953-2014

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