Understanding governance in contemporary Japan

Transformation and the regulatory state

By Masahiro Mogaki

Understanding governance in contemporary Japan


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  • Published Date: February 2019
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This book explores the transformation of the Japanese state in response to the challenges of governance by focusing on two case studies: ICT regulation and antimonopoly regulation after the 1980s, which experienced a disjuncture and significant transformation within the period with approaches embracing competition. In so doing, it reveals the transformation of the state and governance in a Japanese context and presents itself as an example of the new governance school addressing the state, its transformation, and the governance of the political arena in Japanese politics and beyond, setting out a challenge to the established body of pluralist and rational choice literature in Japanese politics. With its comprehensive review and analysis of the theory and development of Japan's contemporary politics, this book is suitable as a textbook for undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well as a guidebook for practitioners engaging in policies and businesses relating to Japan.


Masahiro Mogaki is Lecturer at the International Centre, Keio University, Japan


Part I: Conceptualising the Japanese state and governance
1 Introduction: transformation, governance and the state in the Japanese context
2 The change of governance and regulation
Part II: Evolving regulation and governance
3 The evolving core executive in response to burgeoning ICT
4 Regulatory state transformation with an unusual approach
5 Piecemeal transformation: anti-monopoly regulation
6 Breaking the egg shell
Part III: The nature of Japanese governance with the transformation of the state
7 The regulatory transformation and the core executive
8 Governance in Japan: the implication of the research
Appendix 1
Appendix 2

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