Managing diabetes, managing medicine

Chronic disease and clinical bureaucracy in post-war Britain

By Martin D. Moore

Managing diabetes, managing medicine


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  • Published Date: March 2019
  • BIC Category: History of Medicine, Social & cultural history, History of medicine, Diabetes, MEDICAL / History, Diabetes, Medicine / History of medicine, Humanities / Social & cultural history
  • Series: Social Histories of Medicine


This book is available as an open access ebook under a CC-BY-NC-ND licence. Through its study of diabetes care in twentieth-century Britain, Managing diabetes, managing medicine offers the first historical monograph to explore how the decision-making and labour of medical professionals became subject to bureaucratic regulation and managerial oversight. Where much existing literature has cast health care management as either a political imposition or an assertion of medical control, this work positions managerial medicine as a co-constructed venture. Although driven by different motives, doctors, nurses, professional bodies, government agencies and international organisations were all integral to the creation of managerial systems, working within a context of considerable professional, political, technological, economic and cultural change.


Martin D. Moore is a Research Fellow in the Wellcome Centre for Cultures and Environments of Health at the University of Exeter


List of figures
List of abbreviations
Introduction: Managing diabetes, managing medicine
1 Chronicity and the care team in Britain's New Jerusalem
2 Diabetes, risk management, and the birth of modern primary care
3 The making of integrated care
4 Retinopathy screening and the new politics of prevention
5 Constructing standards at a time of crisis
6 Making managerial policy in the neoliberal moment

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