Pastoral poetry of the English Renaissance

An anthology

Edited by Sukanta Chaudhuri

Pastoral poetry of the English Renaissance


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  • Published Date: September 2017
  • BIC Category: Literature, Literary studies: general, Literary studies: c 1400 to c 1600, LITERARY CRITICISM / Renaissance, Literature & literary studies / Literary studies: c 1500 to c 1800



1. Idyll VIII Theocritus, tr. anon.
2. Idyll XITheocritus, tr. anon.
3. The Pastorall WooingTheocritus (?), tr. Edward Sherburne
4. FragmentsTheocritus and Virgil, tr. 'T.B.'
5. Epitaph on Bion Moschus (?), tr. Thomas Stanley
6. Eclogue IVirgil, tr. William Webbe
7. Eclogue IIVirgil, tr. Abraham Fraunce
8. Eclogue IVVirgil, tr. Abraham Fleming
9. Eclogue XVirgil, tr. Abraham Fleming
10. Georgic II. 458-542Virgil, tr. Abraham Cowley
11. Georgic III. 295-9, 322-38, 404-7, 440 ff.Virgil, tr. Richard Robinson
12. Epode IIHorace, tr. Sir Richard Fanshawe
13. On the Rustic LifeAnonymous, tr. Richard Ashmore
14. The Consolation of Philosophy, Book II, Poem 5Boethius, tr. Queen Elizabeth I
15. Eclogue IV. 1-75Mantuan, tr. George Turberville
16. Eclogue VI. 54-105Mantuan, tr. Alexander Barclay
17. Eclogue VII. 1-50Mantuan, tr. Thomas Harvey
18. Robene and MakyneRobert Henryson
19. From Of Gentleness and NobilityJohn Rastell (?), John Heywood (?)
20. To His Little FieldMarcantonio Flaminio, tr. Richard Ashmore
21. Kala's ComplaintBasilio Zanchi, tr. William Drummond ofHawthornden
22. 'O eyes, that see not him'Jorge de Montemayor, tr. Bartholomew Yong
23. 'Passed contents'Jorge de Montemayor, tr. Bartholomew Yong
24. 'I pray thee keep my kine'Alonso Perez, tr. Bartholomew Yong
25. Prologue to the EcloguesAlexander Barclay
26. Eclogue I.175-304Alexander Barclay
27. Eclogue III.455-524Alexander Barclay
28. Eclogue IV.37-66, 93-232Alexander Barclay
29. 'Oh! Shepherd, Oh! Shepherd'Anonymous
30. 'Hey, troly loly lo, maid, whither go you?'Anonymous
31. Harpelus' ComplaintAnonymous
32. Eclogue II: DametasBarnabe Googe
33. Golden Age ChorusTorquato Tasso, tr. Samuel Daniel
34. Golden Age ChorusGiovanni Battista Guarini, tr. Richard Fanshawe
35. 'Along the verdant fields'Jean Chassanion, tr. Thomas Beard
36. SongJean Passerat, tr. William Drummond of Hawthornden
37. 'There where the pleasant Eske'Antonio Beffa, tr. William Drummond of Hawthornden
38. The Shepherd's Calendar, 'April'Edmund Spenser
39. 'O ye nymphs most fine'William Webbe
40. The Shepherd's Calendar, 'June'Edmund Spenser
41. The Shepherd's Calendar, 'July'Edmund Spenser
42. From Colin Clout's Come Home AgainEdmund Spenser
43. AstrophelEdmund Spenser
44. The Faerie Queene VI.ix.5-36Edmund Spenser
45. The Faerie Queene VI.x.5-30Edmund Spenser
46. From The Lady of MayPhilip Sidney
47. 'Come, shepherd's weeds...'Philip Sidney
48. 'My sheep are thoughts'Philip Sidney
49. 'And are you there Old Pas?'Philip Sidney
50. 'O sweet woods'Philip Sidney
51. 'You goat-herd gods...'Philip Sidney
52. 'Since that to death'Philip Sidney
53. 'Philisides, the Shepherd good and true'Philip Sidney (?)
54. Of the Quietness that Plain Country BringethThomas Churchyard
55. From A Revelation of the True MinervaThomas Blenerhasset
56. Argentile and CuranWilliam Warner
57. Amyntas: The Second LamentationThomas Watson, tr. Abraham Fraunce
58. Amyntas: The Last LamentationThomas Watson, tr. Abraham Fraunce
59. An Old-Fashioned Love, Epistle 1John Trussel (?)
60. The Argument of AmyntasJohn Finet (?)
61. 'Arcadian Syrinx'Abraham Fraunce
62. A Tale of Robin HoodAnonymous
63. From Daphnis and ChloeAngel Day
64. An Eclogue Gratulatory to Robert Earl of EssexGeorge Peele
65. From Descensus AstraeaeGeorge Peele
66. Apollo and Daphne, from the Bisham EntertainmentAnonymous
67. An Eclogue Between a Shepherd and a HerdmanArthur Gorges
68. The Country LassArthur Gorges
69. The Herdman's Happy LifeWilliam Byrd
70. 'Though Amarillis dance in green'William Byrd
71. The Shepherd's OdeRobert Greene
72. Doron's JigRobert Greene
73. Doron's Eclogue Joined with Carmela'sRobert Greene
74. The Description of the Shepherd and his WifeRobert Greene
75. The Shepherd's Wife's SongRobert Greene
76. The Song of a Country Swain at the Return of PhiladorRobert Greene
77. Of the Vanity of Wanton WritingsRobert Greene
78. Old Damon's PastoralThomas Lodge
79. Coridon's SongThomas Lodge
80. A Pleasant Eclogue between Montanus and CoridonThomas Lodge
81. Phillis, Sonnet 4Thomas Lodge
82. Phillis, Sonnet 12Thomas Lodge
83. To Reverend ColinThomas Lodge
84. The Passionate Shepherd to his LoveChristopher Marlowe
85. The Nymph's Reply to the ShepherdWalter Ralegh (?)
86. Another of the Same NatureAnonymous
87. Psalm 23tr. Sir John Davies
88. On Lazy and Sleeping ShepherdsAndrew Willett
89. Coridon to his PhillisEdward Dyer (?)
90. 'One night I did attend my sheep'Barnabe Barnes
91. 'Sing sing (Parthenophil)'Barnabe Barnes
92. From Oenone and ParisThomas Heywood
93. From Amphrisa the Forsaken ShepherdessThomas Heywood
94. Mercury's SongThomas Heywood
95. From The Affectionate Shepherd, The Second DayRichard Barnfield
96. From 'The Shepherd's Content'Richard Barnfield
97. Cynthia, Sonnet XVRichard Barnfield
98. Cynthia, Sonnet XVIIIRichard Barnfield
99. From ModeratusRobert Parry
100. Damon's DittyFrancis Sabie
101. 'Shepherd, i'faith now say'Robert Sidney
102. 'Day which so bright dids't shine'Robert Sidney
103. Chloris, Sonnet 3William Smith
104. Chloris, Sonnet 5William Smith
105. Description of Arcadia, from The Shepherd's ComplaintJohn Dickenson
106. From The Shepherd's Complaint John Dickenson
107. 'In a field full fair of flowers'Anonymous
108. The Unknown Shepherd's ComplaintAnonymous
109. To Thomas StrangwaysThomas Bastard
110. Sonnet from Sundry Christian PassionsHenry Lok
111. 'The Lord he is my shepherd'Nicholas Breton
112. 'Upon a dainty hill'Nicholas Breton
113. 'In time of yore'Nicholas Breton
114. 'Fair in a morn'Nicholas Breton
115. 'Fair Phillis is the shepherds' queen'Nicholas Breton
116. A pastoral of Phillis and CoridonNicholas Breton
117. 'In the merry month of May'Nicholas Breton
118. 'The fields are green'Nicholas Breton
119. A Shepherd's DreamNicholas Breton (?)
120. Coridon's Supplication to PhillisNicholas Breton
121. The Second Shepherd's SongNicholas Breton
122. A Farewell to the WorldNicholas Breton
123. 'Peace Shepherd'Anonymous
124. 'When I was a little swain'Nicholas Breton (?)
125. A Pastoral RiddleAnonymous
126. Upon a Kiss GivenJohn Lilliat
127. The Shepherdess Her ReplyJohn Lilliat
128. An Excellent Pastoral DittyJohn Ramsey (?)
129. On the Reported Death of the Earl of EssexAnonymous
130. Votum PrimumJohn Mansell (?)
131. The Page's Pleasant RustickAnonymous
132. Theorello. A Shepherd's IdyllionEdmund Bolton (?)
133. The Shepherds' Song for ChristmasEdmund Bolton (?)
134. Phillida's Love-Call to Her Coridon, and His Replying Anonymous
135. Damætas' Jig in Praise of His LoveJohn Wootton
136. Wodenfride's Song in Praise of Amargana'W.H.'
137. A Poor Shepherd's IntroductionRobert Chester
138. Eclogue upon the Death of Sir Philip Sidney'A.W.'
139. A Dialogue between Two Shepherds in Praise of AstraeaMary Herbert, Countess of Pembroke
140. Fiction How Cupid Made a Nymph Wound Herself with His Arrows Anonymous
141. 'A shepherd poor'Francis Davison
142. From The Ocean to CynthiaWalter Ralegh
143. Epitaph on Robert CecilWalter Ralegh
144. 'Feed on my flocks'Henry Chettle
145. A Pastoral Song between Phillis and AmarillisHenry Chettle (?)
146. The Shepherds' Spring SongHenry Chettle
147. The Good Shepherd's SorrowAnonymous
148. The Shepherd's LamentationAnonymous
149. Fair Dulcina ComplainethAnonymous
150. A Pleasant Country Maying SongAnonymous
151. The Country LassMartin Parker (?)
152. The Obsequy of Fair PhillidaAnonymous
153. The Shepherd and the KingAnonymous
154. The Lover's DelightAnonymous
155. Phillida Flouts MeAnonymous
156. Robin Hood and the ShepherdAnonymous
157. The Arcadian LoversAnonymous
158. The Beautiful Shepherdess of ArcadiaAnonymous
159. 'As at noon Dulcina rested'Anonymous
160. Idea the Shepherd's Garland, Eclogue VIIMichael Drayton
161. Idea the Shepherd's Garland, Eclogue VIIIMichael Drayton
162. Eclogue IX, 1606Michael Drayton
163. From Poly-OlbionMichael Drayton
164. The Shepherd's SirenaMichael Drayton
165. The Description of EliziumMichael Drayton
166. The Muses Elizium, Nymphal VIMichael Drayton
167. The Muses Elizium, Nymphal XMichael Drayton
168. From Pastoral Elegy IIIWilliam Basse
169. Laurinella, of True and Chaste LoveWilliam Basse
170. PhillisGiovan Battista (Giambattista) Marino, tr. William Drummond of Hawthornden
171. A Shepherd Inviting a Nymph to His CottageGirolamo Preti, tr. Edward Sherburne
172. 'Jolly shepherd and upon a hill as he sat'Thomas Ravenscroft
173. 'Come follow me merrily'Thomas Ravenscroft
174. To His Loving Friend Master John FletcherGeorge Chapman
175. Hymn to Pan, from The Faithful ShepherdessJohn Fletcher
176. A SonnetHonoré d'Urfé, tr. John Pyper
177. 'Close by a river clear'Honoré d'Urfé
178. From Christ's Victory and TriumphGiles Fletcher
179. The Complaint of the Shepherd HarpalusDavid Murray
180. 'A jolly shepherd that sat on Sion hill'Anonymous
181. 'Alas, Our Shepherd'William Alabaster
182. The Shepherd's Speech from Himatia-PoleosAnthony Munday
183. To His Much Loved Friend Master W BrowneChristopher Brooke
184. An Eclogue between Willy and WernockeJohn Davies of Hereford
185. The Shepherd's Hunting, Eclogue VGeorge Wither
186. From Fair VirtueGeorge Wither
187. Hymn for a Sheep-ShearingGeorge Wither
188. Hymn for a ShepherdGeorge Wither
189. Britannia's Pastorals, Book I.195-561William Browne
190. Britannia's Pastorals, Book II.817-1050William Browne
191. To PenshurstBen Jonson
192. To Sir Robert WrothBen Jonson
193. Hymns from Pan's AnniversaryBen Jonson
194. A New Year's Gift Sung to King Charles, 1635Ben Jonson
195. From The Careless ShepherdessThomas Goffe
196. Damon and MoerisWilliam Drummond of Hawthornden
197. Erycine at the Departure of AlexisWilliam Drummond of Hawthornden
198. Alexis to DamonWilliam Alexander
199. A Pastoral Elegy on the Death of Sir Anthony AlexanderWilliam Drummond of Hawthornden
200. Fragment of a Greater WorkWilliam Drummond of Hawthornden
201. From 'Damon: or a Pastoral Elegy'George Lauder
202. Hermes and LycaonEdward Fairfax
203. The SolitudeAntoine Girard Saint-Amant, tr. Thomas, Third Baron Fairfax.
204. Amor ConstansChristopher Morley
205. The Shepherds' Dialogue of LoveAnonymous
206. Technis' TaleRichard Brathwait
207. The Shepherds' HolidayRichard Brathwait
208. 'Tell me love what thou canst do'Richard Brathwait
209. Song: 'Love as well can make abiding'Mary Wroth
210. 'A shepherd who no care did take'Mary Wroth
211. 'You pleasant flowery mead'Mary Wroth
212. Of Jack and TomJames I
213. From Taylor's PastoralJohn Taylor
214. 'Woodmen Shepherds'James Shirley
215. An Eclogue between a Carter and a ShepherdNicholas Oldisworth
216. A SonnetWilliam Herbert, Earl of Pembroke
217. An Ode upon Occasion of His Majesty's Proclamation Richard Fanshawe
218. Songs from Fuimus TroesJasper Fisher
219. Piscatory Eclogue VIIPhineas Fletcher
220. To My Beloved Thenot in Answer of His VersePhineas Fletcher
221. From The Purple IslandPhineas Fletcher
222. Christmas, Part IIGeorge Herbert
223. To My Noblest Friend, I. C. EsquireWilliam Habington
224. That a Pleasant Poverty Is to Be Preferred Before Discontented Riches Abraham Cowley
225. The Country LifeAbraham Cowley, tr. by himself
226. Eclogue to Master JonsonThomas Randolph
227. An Eclogue Occasioned by Two Doctors Disputing upon Predestination Thomas Randolph
228. An Eclogue on the Palilia on Cotswold HillsThomas Randolph
229. A Dialogue betwixt a Nymph and a ShepherdThomas Randolph
230. LycidasJohn Milton
231. Ode IV.21: From The Song of SongsCasimir Sarbiewski, tr. George Hills
232. The Praise of a Religious RecreationCasimir Sarbiewski, tr. George Hills
233. The SpringThomas Carew
234. To SaxhamThomas Carew
235. On Westwell DownsWilliam Strode
236. Thenot's AbodeAnonymous
237. All Hail to HatfieldAnonymous
238. Tom and WillSidney Godolphin (?)
239. The Shepherd's OracleFrancis Quarles
240. Scenes from a Pastoral PlayJane Cavendish and Elizabeth Brackley
241. A Pastoral upon the Birth of Prince CharlesRobert Herrick
242. A Pastoral Sung to the KingRobert Herrick
243. To His MuseRobert Herrick
244. The Hock-CartRobert Herrick
245. A New-Year's Gift Sent to Sir Simeon StewardRobert Herrick
246. A Dialogue Weeping the Loss of PanMildmay Fane
247. My Happy Life, to a FriendMildmay Fane
248. In Praise of a Country LifeMildmay Fane
249. From PsycheJoseph Beaumont
250. A Pastoral Dialogue between Coridon and ThyrsisAnonymous
251. The ShepherdsHenry Vaughan
252. Daphnis: An Elegiac EclogueHenry Vaughan
253. From The Shepherd's HolidayWilliam Denny
254. 'Jack! Nay prithee come away'Patrick Cary
255. The Pleasure of RetirementEdward Benlowes
256. A Description of Shepherds and ShepherdessesMargaret Cavendish
257. A Shepherd's Employment Is Too Mean an Allegory for Noble Ladies Margaret Cavendish
258. Similizing the Sea to Meadows and PasturesMargaret Cavendish
259. Jack the Plough-Lad's LamentationThomas Robins (?)
260. A Pastoral DialogueThomas Weaver
261. The Isle of ManThomas Weaver
262. Upon Cloris Her Visit after MarriageWilliam Hammond
263. A Pastoral Song: With the AnswerAnonymous
264. A Pastoral SongAnonymous
265. A SongAnonymous
266. The Land-Schap between Two HillsEldred Revett
267. The MilkmaidsAnonymous
268. Coridon and StrephonAston Cokayn
269. The Old Ballet of Shepherd TomAnonymous
270. The Jolly ShepherdAnonymous
271. To My Ingenious Friend Master BromeIzaak Walton
272. Pastoral on the King's DeathAlexander Brome
273. A Dialogue betwixt Lucasia and RosaniaKatherine Philips
274. A Country LifeKatherine Philips
275. Eclogue. Corydon, ClottenCharles Cotton
276. An Invitation to PhillisCharles Cotton
277. On the Execrable Murder of Charles IAnthony Spinedge

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