Independents in Irish party democracy

By Liam Weeks

Independents in Irish party democracy


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  • Published Date: May 2017
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There are more independents in the Irish parliament than the combined total in all other industrial democracies. This book analyses and explains the reasons for the significance of a breed of politician long believed extinct in many national political systems.


'With this book, Liam Weeks, a lecturer in politics in UCC, has rectified a long-standing neglect and he has done it painstakingly, busying himself over the past 15 years to establish why Ireland has a political culture so "permissive of independents".
The result is an impressively thorough overview of the many facets associated with the existence of Independents in Irish politics.'
Diarmaid Ferriter, professor of modern Irish history at University College Dublin, The Irish Times


Liam Weeks is a Lecturer in Politics at the Department of Government, University College Cork and an Honorary Fellow at the Department of Politics and International Relations, Macquarie University


1. Introduction
2. A typology of independents
3. Independents' electoral history
4. Independent parliamentarians
5. The independent voter
6. Independents and the electoral system
7. Independents and government
8. Why are there independents in Ireland?
9. Conclusion

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