Confabulationes tironum litterariorum (Cologne, 1525)

Hermannus Schottennius Hessus

Edited by Peter Macardle

Confabulationes tironum litterariorum (Cologne, 1525)

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  • Pages: 612
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
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  • Published Date: November 2009
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  • Series: Durham Modern Languages Seires


The humanist Hermann Schotten, or Hermannus Schottennius Hessus (c. 1503-1546), student, schoolmaster, and university lecturer in Cologne, was the author of a number of works on humanist pedagogy. His Confabulationes tironum litterariorum of 1525, a collection of Latin dialogues designed to help schoolboys master Classical Latin conversation, was written in admiring imitation of the colloquies of Erasmus. But Schotten had his own distinctive style: a natural ear for dialogue, and a sympathetic understanding of the schoolboy world. As a result, he produced one of the liveliest pedagogical works of the century and a vivid and valuable cultural document of life in the early modern metropolis of Cologne. This critical edition of the Confabulationes, the first since the sixteenth century, makes this one-time best-seller available and comprehensible to modern readers. It presents the Latin text, a full English translation, and extensive notes on the language and on Schotten's many literary and cultural allusions, accompanied by a detailed investigation of the early printing history of the collection.


Peter Macardle is Lecturer in German in the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Durham University


List of illustrations
Non-bibliographic abbreviations
I. Introduction
Ia. Hermannus Schottennius Hessus: life and work
Ib. The editions of the *Confabulationes*
Ic. The earliest printings of the *Confabulationes*
II. Text edition of the *Confabulationes*
IIa. Editorial principles and conventions
IIb. The Colloquies
IIc. The *Conuiuia*
III. Notes on the Colloquies and the *Conuiuia*
IIIa. Notes on the Colloquies
IIIb. Notes on the *Conuiuia*
IIIc. Index of Schotten's non-classical Latin
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