Scottish society 1707–1830

Beyond Jacobitism, t

By Christopher A. Whatley

Scottish society 1707–1830

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Scottish Society, 1707-1830 challenges much conventional wisdom and provides readers with many new insights into Scottish social and economic history.. Argues that the Union of 1707 was vital for Scottish success, but in ways which have hitherto been overlooked.. Contests received wisdom on issues such as the role of the Kirk and other agencies for inculcating order, and argues that the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in Scotland were years of upheaval and deep social conflict in both the Highlands and Lowlands, where commercialism and later the market economy revolutionised social relationships.. The period surrounding the Radical War in 1820 is identified as a watershed in Scottish history, almost making but also breaking the Scottish working class.. Not only on an exhaustive reading of secondary material but also incorporates a wealth of new evidence from previously little-used or unused primary sources.


Christopher A. Whatley is Professor of Scottish History at the University of Dundee


List of maps and figures
1. The seventeenth-century legacy
2. The Union and the first economic transition c.1707-1778
3. Political economy and Scottish development
4. Scottish society, c.1707-c.1778 (I): Investigating stability and protest
5. Scottish society, c.1707c.1778 (II): Political integration and the struggle over the market economy
6. Scotland's first industrial revolution, c.1778-c.1830
7. Scottish society in the age of revolutions
8. Making and breaking of the Scottish working class
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